What camera(s) are you using this weekend?

Discussion in 'Classic Manual Cameras' started by Mike Gammill, May 26, 2017.

  1. Very nice clear pics Ralf, nice cameras as well.
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  2. HI Julio - I am detecting rainbows in your planar - do you have a separation issue with this lens? Mine definitely has it but doesn't bother me that much.
  3. Hope your weather is holding out Rick - Mrs. Ardern is a breaking a sweat in DC, 92F and humid today :-D
  4. ralf_j said
    Ms.Ardern has left us with a weeks worth of unsettled weather...Thunder and lightning and heavy downpours as I type. Definitely not out and about weather! Still, I hear she and President Biden had a chat about the weather so some good may come of that...
  5. Hopefully get round to shooting those 20 4x5" sheets of fomapan 100 I've had in the holders for over a month now.
    Looking to shoot them with my military Speed Graphic cameras at a living history event this weekend.

    Also got some film in a Voigtländer Bessa I with Skopar lens and will probably bring a Leica....IIIa...b...c. with some 'fast glass'
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  6. From the rear of a cabinet, a pack of 5 120 rolls of Provia surfaced.
    5 rolls is probably equal to 5 years worth of 120 slide film for me - I rarely shoot medium format slides.
    The film expires next month so I better get started.

    This Fujica GL690 with 8 frames pr. roll will help speeding up the process. Easy to shoot, a pain to carry.
  7. I found a roll of Rollei Retro 80S in my camera cabinet so I thought I'd take some photos. Apparently I bought it some time last year as it is still in date. Using this camera:
    I'll start with the 50mm but may utilize several focal lengths. Also, this film's sensitivity extends slightly into the near infrared region so I may try some filtered shots.
  8. Time to exercise one of my favourite rangefinder cameras, the Ricoh Five-One-Nine, seen here with it's Ricoh accessory meter. It's interesting to note that the camera has "paddles" either side of the lens to aid focusing, in much the same fashion as the Ricoh Diacord TLR I featured in a recent thread.

    Ricoh Five-One-Nine copy.jpg
  9. Last weekend, it was a Canon VI with about 30 year old Tri-X and
    my favorite Xenogon 35/2.8 lens. Finally finished the roll that
    I started last month.
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  10. Lovely cameras Ralf.. are you importing from New Zealand?
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  11. Hi Ralf! Indeed, there is separation in the Planar. Did not affect pictures last time I used it, but let us see what happens this time.
  12. No need Chuck, plenty in the States :)
  13. If you dislike it that much, I do adopt Yashica TLR. And I miss mine so much it hurts. And yes, like you I like the older ones better. Enjoy yours.
  14. The more I use my example, the more I like it. My favorite rangefinder compact out of those I've owned. The perfect street camera for me.
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  15. Texas Leica M3.
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  16. According to a well known Yashica repairman I knew, the 124-G tooling sustained a lot of wear and tear over that 16 year production run.
  17. image.jpeg
    Finished Rolliei 80s so taking out the XE with a Panatomic-X reload dated mid 1980's.
  18. I miss Panatomic-X, especially 120 in the Hasselblad.
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  19. @Mike Gammill Do you happen to know which Minolta model served as base for Leica R3? And if it has aged well (the Minolta I mean)?
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  20. Neils, I believe that Minolta and Leica developed the XE and R3 at the same time. Same shutter and body construction but the metering system of the R3 was different from the XE. Both have the very smooth film advance. I'd be tempted to buy an R3 since the price is quite reasonable, but the Leica R series lenses are pricey, even the basic 50mm f 2. One way, though, to enter into R series cameras for less is to get an R series Tamron Adaptall mount and pair it with one of Tamron's many Adaptall lenses.
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