What camera(s) are you using this weekend?

Discussion in 'Classic Manual Cameras' started by Mike Gammill, May 26, 2017.

  1. Also an amazing performer, even up close. By that model # I can tell it is an ais, good stuff.
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  2. Nikon makes excellent 28mm's. It looks like the Ai-S version - which is particularly lovely.
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  3. LeicaIIIg08.jpg

    Loaded with a some slightly expired Fomapan 100
  4. I may well try out a Nikkormat FT I picked up a month ago. I’ll do some work with a 105/2.8 micro Nikkor I got from a member here a few days ago. Can’t wait.

    Rick H.
  5. I've just taken a load of FP4 out of this Minolta XD7, having spent a pleasant hour wandering around with this, one of my favourite camera/lens combinations. I might have some samples to post in the current "Friday" thread later in the day.

    Minolta XD7 copy.jpg
  6. I have a roll of 120 Kosmo Foto 100 in this seemingly rare Super Wester that I just finished refurbishing. The film came as a bonus with another camera I bought. I'm halfway through the film and hope to finish it in the next few days. I've already exposed a test film, a Shanghai GP3, it went well, no light leaks, but I was getting camera shake, so the camera needs to be held sturdily or fixed to a tripod.

  7. kmac said :
    Regarding the Wester cameras, you may be pleasantly surprised by the quality of the results. There's some information in an old post of mine featuring the Autorol, a close relative of the Super Wester.

    The Uncommon Wester Autorol
  8. I read your thread Rick, when I was researching "Wester". There's more info in just your one thread than there is on the rest of the internet, of any Wester camera ... thanks for posting it. I also bought two Wester S2 parts cameras which I'm now making up one good one from both. It's coming along nicely and luckily, one of the lenses is detriment free. There's a few left-hand threads in the film advance in those cameras, I imagine the Autorol will be the same, the film winder comes off by turning it clock-wise, but it won't screw off without a special tool gripping the spindle it's attached to.
  9. I'm pleased you found the old thread useful! I don't think one could claim that the Westers were at the epitome of materials or workmanship, but they were interesting and quite innovative cameras. I'm looking forward to seeing some results from yours.
  10. image.jpeg
    OM-1 with 50mm f 3.5 Macro and FP4+
  11. Back to the Nikons, this weekend.

    Nikon FA with MD 12 Motordrive copy.jpg
  12. A compact folder, Voigtlander Perkeo, to end my one-year expired supply of FP4+ in 120 size. A very smooth instrument, as every Voigtlander I have ever tried.

  13. A truly great camera and lens combination this week, a contender for top of my "If you were allowed to keep only one camera" list, the remarkable Minolta Alpha 7 with the excellent Minolta 28-85mm f/3.5-4.5 lens.

    Minolta Alpha 7 coppy.jpg
  14. Continuing my exercising of the Minolta family with the Alpha 807si, a heavy but very competent camera with one of the few truly effective onboard flashes.

    Minolta Alpha 807si.jpg
  15. Trying two small but powerful cameras in the following weeks.


    The Oly XA is a well-loved favorite, now loaded with FP4+. The Semi Minolta IIIC may be worth of a post later on, if things come out right. It will be loaded with HP5+.
  16. Just got my Leica IIIF back from service. Testing it with some SFX and a red filter.
  17. Checking out the functions of this 1936/7 Rolleicord II type 1 a final time before a sale. It was fun to try but I must realise that it will never see much use in my hands, so better off to a new owner.
  18. Don't know why I haven't been aware that the FA could use the MD12. Do you happen to know if it works the other way around, can FE/FE2/FMx use the FA motordrive?
  19. NHSN said...
    The designated drive for the FA was the MD-15, and to quote from the great Mir.com site:

    "This motor drive was produced exclusively for the Nikon FA - it is a dedicated unit and it cannot be shared with other Nikon body as with the MD11/12"
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  20. I will be diving into large format photography soon (when Intrepid is finished building the camera I ordered last month).
    Realising how much a 4x5 sheet of my usual preferred HP5+/FP4+ film 4x5 cost, I decided to use Fomapan 200 to "learn to walk".
    A couple of 50 sheet packs arrived from Fotoimpex this week, but as I don't have the 4x5 camera yet, I also ordered a bulk roll of Fomapan 200 in 35mm to get the developing process straight before I begin my €1-pr-frame learning project.
    Thus, my Nikon F2 with the <NEW> Nikkor 35/2 lens is now loaded with Fomapan 200 (in old Sovjet Union cartridges - to stay in character).

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