What camera(s) are you using this weekend?

Discussion in 'Classic Manual Cameras' started by Mike Gammill, May 26, 2017.

  1. It is my first roll and have yet to process it. I bought it because Fujicolor C200 took a sudden price hike and Pro Image 100 was the cheaper color film available in my local shop.
    I hope that is less warm than ColorPlus, at least it is said to offer better skin tones.
    I think it is only available in boxes of 5 - unless the shop opens the carton and sell the rolls individually. In case of the latter, you don't get the expiry date information.
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  2. I will be using my Nikon F with 35mm 2.8 pc lens. I have had the lens for a while, but this will be the first time using it. The camera has a half used roll of Kodak T-Max 100 which I need to finish using.
  3. I bought a second Nikon F100 body because it was ridiculously cheap and was wearing a lens I rather wanted. I'll run a film through it this weekend and if it's performing satisfactorily I'll probably move it on. Or possibly move it on...

    Nikon F-100 copy.jpg
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  4. New Oly 43.5 Y2 filter for the RC. Excuse the dust. A88A6A48-B5B2-4A36-8E8D-1D8B48584488.jpeg
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  5. Congrats on finding a 43.5 mm filter, mjferron. I have that same filter for my 35RC and also and 85A.
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  6. Another test roll in the Leotax F, checking if I've FINALLY solved the light leak issue.
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  7. A Rolleiflex I bought two months ago turned out to have a sluggish shutter and had to see a repair tech.
    It returned this morning and I will study the weather forecast for the weekend before deciding which film to use.
  8. Yeah I found one for $25 at the big auction site. I had been using a filter via adapter but it fell off during a walk and I was not able to find it. I am glad to have a real replacement.
  9. image.jpeg
    I keep returning to this one.
  10. With less than a month before my "Snow Bird" jump to Hawaii, I hope to work off a stash of 120 film with these Red & Blue beauties. 2k18-DSCF3053 ces23 zx r-horz.jpg
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  11. A very tidy Nikon F2, newly arrived, and we're promised good weather for Saturday, so hopefully I'll be able to put it through it's paces.

    Nikon F2 copy.jpg
  12. Nice F2, I like my F2as. Look forward to seeing the results.
  13. Retina118.jpg

    Testing a Kodak Retina type 118, after internal clean and tweaking a spring in the frame-locking mechanism.
  14. image.jpeg Another combination that I like:
    Loaded with Kentmere 100
  15. I have fond memories of a LOMO LC-A I owned 25 years ago.
    It invited to a care-free shooting style and could easily be carried in a pocket.
    The other day I saw this Cosina CX-1, the LC-A's Japanese forefather, in the window of my local camera store and couldn't resist.
    Although this camera is better than the Russian copy, it did not excite me as much as I hoped it would.
    The then liberating "shoot from the hip - think later" philosophy the LC-A represented is not really relevant anymore - digital and smartphones has changed all that - film is now more a medium of contemplation - at least to me.
    Good luck with that F2 Motordrive @rick_drawbridge;)

    I will finish the film this weekend and consider if the camera should find another home.
  16. NHSN said:
    Yes, it may be needed...I won't be using it as, combined with the battery pack, 8 AA batteries and a hefty camera, the load factor becomes a little excessive even for me, a guy who likes heavy cameras!
  17. [​IMG]

    About 15 frames left on the roll in this Akarette II. Probably won't get round to shooting them until this weekend.
  18. image.jpeg My first wide angle lens. A Christmas present from my parents in 1978.
  19. Back from having it's sticky shutter cleaned, I'll try out this Agfa Karat 36. I'll probably sell this one as I have another, and the increasing auction prices for cameras of this age and quality justify a little remedial work before they're offered for sale.

    Agfa Karat 36 copy.jpg
  20. The weather gods seem to be giving me a sat-sun break from the rain, so will grab the only unsealed camera in the house and head out into the sun ! My trusty Zorki-4K / Jupiter-8 combo 2k19-DSCF0135-r.JPG and some unfrozen UFX 100 should keep me happy until Hawaii on the 3rd.

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