What camera(s) are you using this weekend?

Discussion in 'Classic Manual Cameras' started by Mike Gammill, May 26, 2017.

  1. ], I think one of Minolta's ads for the SRT 101 back in the early 1970's claimed it to be the "fastest handling SLR you could buy". Never compared, but it is at least one of the top handling SLRs. I power my "fleet" of SRTs with Wein 625 cells,
    I look forward to seeing some of your work, ].
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  2. Heh, sorry. I'm not a fan of messing around with SLR prism housings, particularly on someone else's camera and when it's not a model I've tackled before. :D
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  3. Should the weather improve I'll make my annual expedition with the lovely Canon FTb QL, fitted with the chrome-nose Canon 50mm f/1.4. I think I'd rate this lens among the top five standard lenses in my collection.

    Canon FTb QL copy.jpg
  4. My first 35 SLR was a chrome FTb, with the 50 1.7 chrome nose. Other than lens changes feeling like I needed 3 hands, the camera was reliable, made great images, and never gave me trouble for years.
  5. ] said :
    Pretty much an echo of my experiences. The FTb was my first Canon SLR, and I really never got to feel at home with the FD mount, though the camera served me well. The improved New FD mount (FDn) was a giant leap forward.
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  6. I never owned an FTb as by the time the family camera shop added Canon to our line the A series (AE-1, AT-1, etc) was current. One of my friends had an FTb and the only time he ever had a problem was when the mercury cell had a bit of tarnish that kept the meter from working, I cleaned it off and it worked fine. Good, solid, and reliable workhorse of a camera.
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  7. My 1957 Konica rangefinder. Love this thing. I will be shooting my last 12 ex roll of Ultrafine 100. Seems this film is out of stock everywhere.
  8. Kodak Pro Image 100 color film in the F2 today. Lens is <New> Nikkor 35mm/2.0 (non-Ai).
  9. Mike, the Ultrafine films have/had 2k18-DSCF3032 ces13-horz-vert.jpg the identical characteristics as the Kentmere emulsions. I was the Ultrafine warrior, until my stocks ran out, since the emulsions were offered in 120 formats, which Kentmere has yet to dream of offering for us MF shooters.
    This Friday and Saturday I am off to the races, Road Racing Karts that is, and will use this combo of Old & New cameras. The Fed-2 / Jupiter-8 will be for the Pit Work (with Kentmere 400) along with the X-e1 & XC 16-50 and the X-e1 & XC 50-230 will be for On-Track time.
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  10. I just shot my last roll of Ultrafine 100 a few days ago. I will post the shots in tomorrow’s film camera thread but have to say I am not super thrilled with it in D76. Rather grainy for a 100 speed film. Maybe it’s my processing?
  11. I have no problems with my current Kentmere films & Pyrocat HDC developer. . .try it !, you might like it !!
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  12. Got a few frames left in another Contax II, but I'm not sure yet that I'm going to take it with me on our family trip to the coast this weekend.

    I want to take something in medium format. Possibly a Zeiss or Voigtländer folder.
  13. I've just got back from shooting a roll of Arista 400 with the brutish Kiev 88CM. I really quite enjoy shooting with this clunky piece of machinery; it forces you to stop and think about every move you make. The 80mm Volna-3 f/2.8 lens is no slouch, either.

    Arsenal Kiev 88CM copy.jpg
  14. Fall.
    This is today's harvest. A handful of chestnuts from the park and two classic cameras: A black paint Leica II (mod. D) with nickel trimmings and a Cosina CX-1 w 33mm/3.5, the camera behind the Lomo LC-A
    Both loaded w HP5 but won't be finished until after the weekend.
    The Leica II already has an appointment with a tech.
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  15. This Friday is the seasonal closing of my local Farmers Market. Will pop a 24x of EDU 200 into the Fed-2 / Jupiter-8 and go shopping. Red Fed-2.JPG
  16. upload_2021-10-6_19-57-29.jpeg
    wide to tele kit for traveling light- Yashica FX-3 Super 2000 with Vivitar 24mm f 2.8, Contax 45mm f 2.8 and Phoenix 100mm f 3.5 Macro
  17. Since I've been trapped inside by the rain yet again, I've spent a couple of hours cleaning this Braun Super Paxette 1 outfit, and if the weather improves for the weekend I just might run a film. I recall our college Camera Club had a couple of these Paxettes, so it might be something of a nostalgia trip.The Paxette was one of several little rangefinder cameras that laboured under the "poor man's Leica" tag, rather unkindly as the Paxettes were aimed at a completely different market. I rather like them, though the lenses leave a little to be desired.

    Braun Super Paxette I copy.jpg
  18. I still have a Super Paxette in the que for a check-up and clean. Should get round to working on it this weekend.

    For this weekend I've got a roll of film in an Exakta Varex IIa with a CZJ 50mm f/2.8 Tessar (I think)

    Fixed some pinholes in the shutter and gave the lens and camera a clean.
  19. Niels, how are you liking that Kodak ProImage 100 film? I am curious, and sometime need to try a roll or three. I like the ColorPlus 200 a lot, and a favorite film of mine.
  20. Nice rich colors but can have a grainy appearance in shots that are not brightly lit.

    Taken with an Olympus XA and using it's inbuilt light meter. No post processing accept for cropping and a little sharpening.
    Kodak ProImage 100 sample copy.jpg

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