What camera(s) are you using this weekend?

Discussion in 'Classic Manual Cameras' started by Mike Gammill, May 26, 2017.

  1. You will enjoy that Konica Auto S2, ]. I've had mine since I bought it new in 1974.
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  2. I had a Konica Auto S2 which I bought in a Pawnshop in Athens, TN. Back in the 1990's for $15. Got tapped in the wrong place out on a shoot, my muscles went ballistic (Cerebral Palsy and a startle reflex did it later in the 1990's). And the camera got badly damaged when I fell on it. Loved using it so much, it made superb images. Never forgot how much I enjoyed taking pictures with it. Got this Excellent Plus condition example with the original shade and everready case on eBay for $45. Feels familiar again. Can't wait to run a roll through it, and get reacquainted with an old friend. Your photos taken with one, here on this forum helped make that choice easy. And your family camera shop memories, made me want one even more. It arrived today. So fine, I chose it twice.
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  3. It's currently the turn of another old favourite, the handsome Yashica FR1. In many ways it's the Yashica equivalent of the Nikon FE, and was developed in association with Contax. The Planar lens will be familiar to many members, and I'd consider it to be one of the best standard lenses in my possession.

    Yashica FR1 copy.jpg
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  4. Great example, Rick. We sold the FRI, FRII, and FR at the family camera shop. I especially like the FR with its match diode metering. Also, it would take the infrared remote that was made for the Contax RTS. I liked the durable covering of the FR series much better than the fragile covering later used on the FX-D and a few of the Contax models. I have a Contax 139 with that covering, but the shutter has curtain bounce so I sometimes use the Planar f 1.7 lens on my Yashica FX-3 Super 2000.
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  5. Mike Gammill said :"I have a Contax 139 with that covering, but the shutter has curtain bounce so I sometimes use the Planar f 1.7 lens on my Yashica FX-3 Super 2000."

    Yes, I'm in a similar situation with a Contax RTS that has a very dodgy shutter, and there are few camera repairers who want to delve into these cameras. I actually prefer the Yashica FR1 as a user, and it's a great platform for the Contax lenses.
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  6. I had hopes of using the Kiev-4 this weekend, but the dire weather forecast for Friday thru Sunday makes me think a Nikonos might be wiser. Kiev-4-DSCF0141 ces26 bc.JPG
  7. Poor man's Contax, and nothing inferior about it. I like Yashicas and have for many years. Miss my once Yashica-Mat aka The Beast. Your FR1 is the best of Yashica, the best of Contax.
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  8. The TLR (3.5 MX-EVS) is out again for a walk in Copenhagen Botanical Garden loaded with expired 400TX and with green filter (because I couldn’t find my yellow filter).
  9. This weekend is a mix of manual and early Nikon AF cameras for me; a Minolta SR-T 102, a Nikon N8008S (F801S outside of the US), and a Nikon N90S (F90X).---Andy 050Aa.jpg 044Aa.jpg
  10. Using one of my favorite wide angle lenses.
    I may move the lens over to my SRT 101 (which still has some Fomapan 200) or I may just start a new roll in this one,
  11. I've never understood why some rangefinders sell for such exorbitant prices while the Konica Auto S2 sells so cheaply. It is a joy to handle and the lens is so amazingly sharp with such good color rendition, and it has great metering. To be certain, I'm not complaining, but it just never made sense to me. It's an outstanding camera!

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  12. My example has a film transport issue. So the camera on deck is now a Minolta SRT-101, and it's a super nice example. Now have a 50 1.4 Rokkor-X to go with it.
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  13. Did not shoot a lot of 4x5" this weekend with various large format cameras. Did fill up the roll in the Lordomat.

    In the camera bag this week:


    A Contax II that I've CLA'd for a friend.
  14. A beautiful Contax II, you CLA'd for your friend. I like it.
  15. Thanks,
    I used this experience to refresh my knowledge on how to disassemble these cameras.
    So after taking care of this one I tackled another Contax II in my collection that I picked up a few years ago. Cleaned the slow-speed escapement and the rangefinder prism. Works like a charm again. Not bad for a camera+sonnar 50mm f/2 I picked up for €80 at a camera fair.

    And now there's a Kiev 4 on the work bench undergoing the same treatment. :D
  16. Respect! It sounds like you have graduated and are ready to clean out all the trapped foam dust (or what ever) in the mirror chamber of my Contaflex IV. ;)
    When I occasionally have asked a repair tech if they would take that task, they have either rolled their eyes or told me I couldn't afford it.
  17. I'll be shooting with some new glass and meter....

    210mm APO Sironar S F5.6 (New in Box)
    90mm Grandagon N f6.8 (New in Box)
    65mm Grandagon N f4.5 (Lightly used)


    I'll sell off the Crown and Super Speed Graphics and 4 other older Ektars, Optar, Angulon etc.

    Got the lot for $600. Was that o.k.?

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  18. Look what I have done to poor Brad. . . . gift him my Ol Calumet 4x5 and now he is doomed unto 4x5 GAS !!! What evil festers in his brain ? 8x10 ?? Rave on Brad !
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  19. It's all Bill's fault. I was happily collecting my way through Nikon gear when all this new shiny universe of 4x5 was opened up and I SAW THE LIGHT!
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  20. Mike Gammill, I now own a beautiful Minolta SRT-101 of my own. It's a beautiful condition example, and handles great. I can't wait to see the results from the test roll. Built solidly, inspires confidence in it's operation.

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