What camera did I learn on?

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    Started with a Box Brownie of some sort - seem to recall it took 620 film. Then got Kodak 126, since the salesperson assured me it took interchangeable lenses (!) - what he meant was supplementary lenses could be attached, provided one didn't mind too much about irrelevant details, such as focus. :mad:

    First 35mm camera was Nikon F Photomic, 50mm lens, borrowed (without knowledge or permission) from the college I attended (or not) one day a week. Film & processing free from the college, of course.

    Then Zodel 2MTL, 42mm screw thread lenses, with 35, 50 and 135. B&W only - colour too expensive, said my then wife. Fire did not treat it or the negatives kindly.

  2. 1949. A beautiful rosewood and mahogany "Liberated" Gaundet & Gie(sp?) 9x12 with the lens missing. (I'm sure that it had a 135mm Zeiss which was why it was discarded.)
    Eventually I got a like-new 15cm Steinheil Unifokal in Compur Press shutter (I've never seen another listed). 3.25x4.25 Filmpacks were available which fit perfectly. A roll-film back and chrome flash for Press 40 bulbs eventually completed the package, along with a really miserable aluminum tripod.
    In 1953 traded for a Tower 35 (Nicca) with 50mm Nikkor, which was in the repair shop more than being used. I made one great photograph, which is still in my portfolio, I followed Mod and PopPhotography, and thought I was a great Kodachrome photographer. Boy was I wrong! My next "great" image didn't come for over 10 years.
    Eventually traded for a brand-new Leica IIIf RD/ST and kept the Nikkor lens. The Leica was stolen 10 years later, but I've got and occasionally use its replacement almost 70 years later.
  3. In (more or less) order: the beautiful old bakelite "Baby Brownie"; then upgraded to the "Box Brownie Flash II".
    The first SLR was the Mamiya 500TL, then Icarex 35 (where I learned to use a hand held meter).
    From there came various Pentax SLRs, Nikon EM, Canon New F1, Nikon F, F2, F3, etc.
    Now the Leica rangefinders up to the M6 are in use, though I'm tempted to go back to the Nikon F or F2,
  4. The first camera that I owned was my trusty Kodak X-15 Instamatic camera, from which I still have some wonderful prints. The camera that I started to get really 'serious' with was an Olympus InfinityZoom 230 that I took everywhere. The first SLR that I had was a Pentax ME Super, but the camera that got me completely hooked into photography was the Canon EOS A2, a really incredible camera at the time.
  5. 1938 Rollei with a Weston V meter.
  6. I can't believe I haven't chimed in on this. First was a Kodak X-15. It used Magicubes instead of battery powered flash cubes. Next was a Minolta Hi-Matic 5, then a Mamiya 528 TL. I graduated to an F2 my senior year in high school, MD-2 included. It was absurdly expensive for a 17-year old but ever since I've kept a motor drive or battery grip on every 35mm or dslr I have.

    Rick H.
  7. I learned using my mother's Kodak Autographic roll film camera until I got my own Argus C3 sometime in the mid-50's.
  8. Nikkormat w/50mm f2.0

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