What Black and White film would you like to see revived?

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  1. What black and white film would you like to see revived and sold again? Extra credit if you can make an argument that the revived film would actually be profitable!
  2. No question for me-Plus-X!
  3. Although I shot a lot more Tri-X and Plus-X back when Panatomic X was still available, I wish Panatomic X were still available in 35mm casettes.

    I can't imagine any circumstances under which it would still be commercially viable, unless made by the "actually existing" factories of the former Warsaw Pact.
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  4. Panatomic X and Plus X, definitely.

    Rick H.
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  5. Panatomic was a super fun film to shoot with. Drastically less finicky on processing than techpan although a pre-soak was mandatory given it's short development time. I always preferred Panatomic over Pan-F.

    Verichrome Pan is another classic that's sorely missed. Incredible highlight structure that rides between chromogenics and classic B&W films while retaining the density range of the later.

    Plus-X never amazed me preferring FP4 instead. Later gens of Plus-X pro were just diet Tmax 100, so be careful what you wish for.
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  6. Agfa APX 100.
  7. I'll vote for Pan-X but my expectation is that there are current films that will produce images every bit as good . . .
  8. When I was younger, I would buy 100 foot rolls of ASA 40 Panatomic-X from Freestyle.

    It was somehow different from regular FX, much more translucent.

    I would develop it in Diafine at EI 160 or 250. (Depends on the box.)

    No idea on the profitability of any film.
  9. I don't want tp see a revival, but I would love to see Kodak make a newly formulated super fine grain s l o w speed film. TMax 25?
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  10. Why don't you like Tech Pan. Aside from the slow speed I really like its look. I even bought a bunch of it just after they discontinued. Wouldn't you rather super fine grain in the regular TMAX speeds? Or are you looking for slow speed for some other reason?

    What was Panatomic like? I never used it in my youth! In the 70s and 80s it was mostly Tri-X for me.
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    +1 for Panatomic X--I have never liked the T Max film look for some reason, and developing seemed more finicky to me than other films.
  12. I liked Tech Pan just fine, but as far as Kodak ever bringing it back, fat chance.

    Yes, I would be fine with Pan X.

    I like slower speeds for more open apertures without digging into my bag for ND filters. Better for fill flash, too
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  13. Sandy Vongries

    Sandy Vongries Administrator Staff Member

    Check out the new Adox HR 50 - sounds familiar!
  14. Well they say it’s very fine grained and it’s almost as slow as Tech Pan with a recommended proprietary developer but useable with other developers and with a tiny amount of IR sensitivity (sounds similar to SFX).
  15. Dang - I've never given Adox a try. Guess I'll have to now, but too bad I just ordered my fall supply.
  16. I have so much film in the fridge, I feel like I need to shoot that up.
  17. Another vote for Plus-X
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  18. Neopan 400
  19. As above, when I was young I liked Panatomic-X in Diafine.

    At that time, I didn't understand the limitations of pushing, and the data sheets that I had didn't give push times like they do now.
    Also, I didn't understand exposure latitude all that well.

    But I did believe the Diafine explanation that it got extra speed from film.
    So, I was happy with my Panatomic-X at EI 160 or 250, and also
    Tri-X at 1200 or 1600.

    I did a lot of 7th and 8th grade yearbook photography with those films and EI values,
    available light in well-lit school classrooms.
    (One wall of windows, and a lot of fluorescent lamps.)

  20. A couple of years ago I would have thought it was impossible for any film to be revived, but I guess we've learned that isn't true. I'd sure like to see Kodak HIE revived personally, or at least a real deep infrared film. Trouble is digital infrared is a bit too good with converted sensors. Here's a Tech Pan shot. I'm shooting up some of the stuff I have left in the fridge. It's a pain to shoot a ISO 25 film, but it sure looks nice. This was taken with a Contax Aria SLR.

    AriaTPan scan0029.jpg
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