What battery does XG-A use?

Discussion in 'Sony/Minolta' started by lesged, Jun 30, 2005.

  1. Picked up an XG-A with power winder at yard sale last weekend in
    exceptionally good shape, inside and out, and hopefully will function
    with proper battery. Sure looks like power winder needs the cap off
    to function. However, there is no battery in XG-A nor a cap for it.
    If camera is working, probably would use it without the winder, so
    I'll need a battery cap. Is it a standard size?

    BTW I've been a long time Minolta shooter. Bought my first Minolta
    Autocord when they arrived in Boston circa 1955; later added two
    other of related models. Had various Hi-matics model as car camera.

    Any help you can offer, re XG-A battery, will be greatly appreciated.
  2. From your description, the winder that came with the camera may be a Winder G-P. Is there a thick peg with contact on top coming up from top of winder? If this is a Winder G-P, the XG was powered by the AA's in winder. If you want to power XG separately it'll use (2) 1.5v 76's stacked. You should be able to find a replacement battery cap at places like Huron Camera ("huroncamera.com" in their replacement parts department).
  3. Thanks, Jason! Yes, the Minolta auto winder G. does have the long peg with a contact that looks like it could touch the mating contact in battery compartment. I was wondering how there would be enough space for a battery, let alone two, to fit in the battery well with the peg inserted, especially when the key at base of winder tightly locks the the winder to the XG-A.

    BTW, What is the full name of the "76" batteries you mentioned?
  4. Jason, Huron Camera doesn't have a battery cover for the XG-A.

    Is there anyone out there in Minolta land who has a spare XG-A battery cover to sell? Eyeballing it, the diameter is circa 5/8(.625)in or 1.75 cm.

    Maybe another Minolta model that takes double '76' 1.5v batteries would work, if it has the same thread diameter.
  5. Sorry, the "76" refers to silver-oxide type S76 button cells Minolta recommends (also think same-sized buttons come in A76 alkalines, but don't know if power curve is same). Do not use LR44's, their power drops off significantly.
  6. Huron Camera lists a $15 battery holder for the X-700, X-570 and X-370 lines (click "repair parts" on site pull down, then go to "minolta") which is probably standardized cover/holder for Minoltas of the 1980's. Would suggest telephoning them, one of the girls in the repair dept has always been really helpful (sorry don't have her name), and they would probably be able to cross-reference parts lists to see if this cover/holder would also fit an XG.
  7. Thank you Jason for hanging in there with me. I did see battery covers for other models including the ones you mentioned, but wasn't sure if they were compatible. Calling them makes a lot of sense and I will tomorrow.

    First time I popped into the Minolta forum and found it a friendly and helpful experience. Thanks to you, Jason.
  8. Les, I have one I can send you. Check your e-mail Jack

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