What are your w/nw rules?

Discussion in 'Leica and Rangefinders' started by sanford, Aug 12, 2010.

  1. I see you allow a little bit of everything in here as long as it loosely fits the definition of "rangefinder". Do the new mirror-less cameras, such as the GF1 qualify?
  2. People post pictures taken with all sorts of cameras. A lot of them are from DSLRs. The general consensus is that it's ok to do this, just keep putting up pictures, as participation is more important than being wedded to arcane rules.
  3. I've accidentally posted photos taken from non RF cameras. I went back and pointed that out. Once I had a post/thread deleted by a mod. I realized I posted a photo from a PoS digital that I was using to compose for a RF shot.
    No rules really, except for gravity.
  4. I see a lot of Canon 5D pics there, in the Pic of the Week page. It would be a barren place without DSLR shots. Adds more to the mix.
  5. I agree, the W/NW is really for rangefinder cameras and Leicas (M/R/S2), but some of us also post shots from other cameras as it seems foolish to be too restrictive. Certainly I think the GF1 is suitable.
  6. I'd say that if you utilize most any RF lens on your Panasonic GF1 via an adapter, no doubt you'll get a
    "real cool" thumbs up from this crew. So go grab an old 3.5cm Elmar and show us the "glow".
  7. Sanford, I agree with the others. Most of the photos I post on L/RF forum are taken with either a rangefinder or leica which stands to reason since the forum is dedicated to that gear. However, I use a few other 'classic' cameras, and occasionally post those pics as well (CARS was a Hasselblad 500c). Like Vic says participation is more important. We have like 25 million equipment related posts to one W/NW post. I'm not going to complain if we get another active photographer in the forum. If the op states in the thread that it is restricted to a specific type of camera then we should probably follow his/her wishes...scout's honor. Looking forward to seeing some photos from you!

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