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Discussion in 'Website Creation' started by lynnthomas, Feb 26, 2012.

  1. Hello,

    I'm hoping someone can give me some insight and constructive criticism for my new website on Wix.
    I have read other posts on PN about Wix...some mixed reviews, and if this works out ok I will upgrade to the premium
    Being that this free right now works well for my budget and it serves the purpose for anyone wanting to get an idea of my
    I like the minimal look of the template I chose, but I have a feeling that something is lacking in presentation...maybe the
    homepage page needs a punch.. not sure what it is?

    I like the galleries, the ease of navigation..things seem fairly simple. I really don't have a lot of imagination which is why I
    am coming up blank here on ideas.
    I really would appreciate any thoughts on what this site needs.


    Thank you
  2. Doesn't work on an iPad.
  3. dmc


    Can't view on iPad :(
  4. It worked after some flash trouble. FWIW I'm on a mac using chrome. My thoughts:
    1. The basic design is alright. I can dig
    2. Photos need to be edit down further
    3. I don't like too much writings on photography sites and I don't care for listings of various awards. The photos ought to stand on their own. The artist statement could be shorter and the scrolling down doesn't help
    4. You have two contacts, a link and another at the bottom left corner, in case you didn't know.
    Not bad. I too like the minimalist approach...Maybe make the type more contrast. It is maybe a bit too minimalist?
  5. I took out the Contact info on the bottom left and deleted the award info in the About section and added
    some background color. I really like the minimal feel but as was pointed out I think it was too minimal
    maybe. Now I am having trouble getting the Add Comment button to work correctly but hopefully I should
    get that taken care of soon.
    As far as "Photos need to be edit down further" do you mean post a smaller amount of photos? Didn't
    understand that.....no doubt on my end.
    Thanks for the critique!
  6. dmc


    I am off the iPad and on a Mac. I can view the site now. Nice design. Simple and to the point. My complaint other than you can't view on iPad is the arrow buttons keep moving when you browse the photos. I find this annoying on any site. Nice photos. All the best, DMc
  7. Any site that I can't view on my iPad/iPhone is all but useless to me. But I'll be glad to take a look as soon as I get back to my
  8. Looks like a good start, I think maybe narrowing down the gallery types a bit more could help. For instance, you have one just for black and white, but most of the other galleries are black and white anyway so it seems a bit confusing as to how it is different. Your primary interest seems to be in street photography, so maybe your best 'street' shot on the home page instead of the doorway? Just a thought. Good luck!
  9. I finally had a chance to make this available for viewing on smartphones.

    It isn't exactly as I would prefer but it does serve the purpose.

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