What are you shooting with right now?

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  1. Just out of curiosity I was wondering (again) what everyone was shooting with or what photographic projects you're all working on. I am still working with my SRT-102s and spending more time with them than just about anythng else, but I've also begun shooting my Pentax ME-Super a lot more--what a cool little camera! I've had it for 20 years and I'm just now beginning to really appreciate how much camera is packed into that little body. Last month I took my little Oly 35RC to the Chicago Auto Show along with my Canon 30D, so I'll see how those turned out whenever I get around to getting them developed; I have quite a bit of film to have processed. The last camera I'm working a lot with is my Argus V-100 (also a Minolta AF-C, but that doesn't fit this forum) and I hope to have photos to share soon. What's everyone else doing?
  2. Zorki 6 and I-61 l/d for this weekend.
  3. Shooting now with a Pentax ME super too, I have a not so common 55mm f2 lens with it, and I also carry a nikon D70 with it (in case...).
    Projects: There's a very important annual festival in Taiwan (Ma-Tsu festival).
    The Pentax ME Super is my favorite SLR.
  4. I'll know tomorrow.
  5. While both of my Konica FT-1s are at the camera hospital I dug out two mechanical Konicas this week. The first was a black T3N which was serviced some years ago and converted to 1.5 volts (MS-76). I put in a 12 exp. roll of sligltly outdated Fujicolor 100 and shot with the interesting 45-100mm f/3.5 Konica Hexanon UC lens. I got 13 perfect frames. Last night it took almost an hour to find the other camera I was looking for. That one is black Autoreflex T2 which has a Nikon E screen from the FE installed. When the modification was done the camera was also set up for 1.5 volts but I couldn't get the meter to work properly in low light. It was changed back to 1.35 volts and I use 675 zinc-air cells now. I put new 675s in tonight and the meter is just right. If we get any good weather tomorrow I'll shoot some film in the T2. A few months ago I bought another T3N body, which needs work. It's a chrome body and it has the split image focusing screen rather than the microprism one which is in my black T3N.
  6. My Minolta 7s is loaded with the new Tmax 400 and ready to go. Problem is I work till 4. :0
  7. Ikonta 520/2, loaded with FP4+.
  8. Nikon D90 & D700, Ebony RW810, Leica M6, today.
  9. Polaroid 600SE with Fuji FP-100C.
  10. Leica M3 and Tri X
  11. Today, a Fujica EE, a Yashica Electro 35 G and a Kodak Vigilant 620.
    Yesterday, I shot with an Olympus OM2 and Zuiko 50mm f1.4 with Fujifilm Neopan 1600. I cannot wait to see the negatives and scans. I have never shot with 1600 ISO film before.
  12. Rolleicord III
  13. SCL


    On the classic side: Leica M4 and SL2, near classic Canon T90...the rest is much more modern, but not as much fun.
  14. Today the camera case has a Nikon F90 loaded with Fuji 400, Ricoh 500G loaded with Fuji 400, Minolta HiMatic 7S with FP4+, Sem Kim loaded with FP4+.
    I've just got some rolls back from a Nikkormat FT2 - Fuji 400, and a Konica C35 Automatic -Gold 100-6.
    The Sem is a french 35mm camera which was given to my late father around 1948. I have some photos of his fiancee he had taken with it at around the same time. Last weekend we travelled to the big city for my mothers 80th birthday, and photographed her, the same lady with the same camera, sixty years later. Its an ordinary sort of camera, nothing special, but believe me, ordinary snapshots are better than none at all.
  15. Today I shot my new Zeiss Ikon Ikonta A 521 for the first time, with a roll of TMY. I've also got film in a Kodak Retina IIIc, Minolta SRT Super, and Minolta XE-7.
  16. Praktica FX w/ CZ Jena 50mm f/2.8, Nice Camera...as long as you shoot everything thing horizontal. Ricoh Five-One-Nine, I finally found one in mint condition......OMG, very nice. CanonEX Auto, got a clean three lens kit for a song and been playing around with it these last few weeks. Not a bad little system. And, as always, my constant companion, a Canon G9, my favorite point and shoot.
  17. Mamiya C330f... but I can hear my Pentax Spotmatic SPII calling me too...
  18. A Kodak Cameo Motor 110 point-and-shoot, with 110 film I found in a dusty corner of Walmart.
  19. Right now, my "new" Minolta SRT-101 :)
  20. I loaded up my Zeiss Ikon Contina 524/24 with some Fuji Velvia 100. We'll see how that goes.
    And I've got a wedding on Tuesday where I've been asked by the bride to shoot a couple rolls of Tri-X through my Zeiss Ikon Mess Ikonta. Should be interesting. It will be a nice break from the usual all digital output.
  21. Olympus OM1 and 2, never used them much, enjoying the experience though.
  22. Hi Andy! I will be trying out my old Exakta VXIIA with a rebuilt Pancolar lens this coming week. I will also start my first roll on my Zorki 4K. I CLAed both of them at home. So a sense of pride! Regards, sp.
  23. Pen FT + 38mm f/1.8... oh man it's fun! And my standby the OM1 + 24mm f/2.8... it's ALMOST a shame that other cameras dont get used more often but I love my OM1!
  24. Nothing right now, but in about a month I will be in Tuscany with my Yashica 35 loaded with Kodak BW C41 film.
  25. One of these:
  26. Right now, there's two thirds of a roll of Tri-X just made its way past the Nokton 40/1.4 on the CV Bessa R3A.
  27. Mostly Olympus Pens.
    Why do I like 35mm half frame so much?
  28. I've been shooting a couple plate cameras. I've had the Kodak Recomar 18 for quite a while, but had done little with it before. I gambled and won recently on one of those fuzzy ebay photos of a Zeiss Ikon Maximar A with a Tessar (not actually high stakes at $10). Both cameras accept the same Rada 120 film back which makes shooting them a bit easier than with sheet film, but it is still something of a production to mount a shooting session. I've put the results so far up on my web site -- nothing world shaking, but I've learned some useful things in the process. If I can keep myself at it, the next step is making some portraits.
  29. For the record, you asked for it.

    For fun, I'm rediscovering my Carl Zeiss Jena T Tessar 50mm f/3.5 on classic Contax rangefinder mount with my Bessa R2C. Since moving off the night shift, I've rediscovered slow speed print film again. Heck, I'm even tempted to shoot some slides. Have some T-MAX 400 in the Bessa that is contrasy when developed at 640 in Diafine in the camera right now. Still trying to figuring out what I'm going to put in the Contarex for the little one's baptism next week (flash required).

    For myself, I'm contemplating another technician to repair my Contax IIIa as I really want to be able to use my 135mm Sonnar wider than f/8.

    For my obsession, I'm contemplating whether 35mm is adequate for my future goals. I just bought a scanner that can do up to 8x10 transparencies. I want the classic documentary shine for some future projects, but my Tessar looks so much different on 35mm than medium format. That Rolleicord glow wife open or a 6x6 TMAX neg with a 1950s wide angle... I'm really torn about this because money is tight, and a few hundred dollars in a new format won't go nearly as far as it would in 35mm. I sold off all my auto focus gear which included an 18-35mm zoom. I've been drooling over the CV wides.

    For (volunteer) work, I'm finally getting up the nerve to plan for a small gallery/photoessay/documentary of our local Main Street. It would be web oriented for visibility, of course. After talking with a few business owners, we're tired of people waxing romantic about the Main Street that was and not the Main Street that is. There's been new housing developments in what used to be cornfields and pastures in the part of town 10 minutes south. People just drive past Main Street, call it quaint, and never become a patron of the many small businesses there. They just renovated the old movie theatre for fine arts productions. They're building a new Town Square. These municipal projects have been very expensive, but have not changed anything yet. I live in a neighborhood close to Main Street in a neighborhood trying to lift itself up out of a few decades of neglect. This is more ambitious than I like or am comfortable with or maybe even equipped for, but it's a personal interest to put the small businesses on Main Street ahead of the furniture rental stores and pawn shops. If I fail, at least there will be a record. Still many plans to be made. I'm in love with Ektar, but I'm tempted to grab a roll of Kodachrome for the project (only shot it once before in my life).

    For my backlog, I have 8 rolls of B&W and 5 rolls of E-6. E-6 has been in the freezer since 2007 when I was much less experienced. No clue how it will turn out. May send those out when Uncle Sam pays me the money he owes me. The B&W are up to me... glad I got rid of the auto focus, down to just the Contarex and Bessa R2C as serious cameras. They are slow and my other few cameras aren't really capable cameras, but are fun (Lomo Smena 8M, Zeiss Ikon Baldur Box, Polaroid 100).

  30. A poor sampling of Main Street in my town. It's a a block down from the bank Bonnie and Clyde robbed (which no longer exists because the Baptists tore down the bank and built a church). Lomo Smena 8m, Kodak Ektar 100, no manipulation except to crop out someone's larger-than-life pickup truck.
  31. This was shot in Jan/Feb of last year. Nikon N90s shot on full manual, 1970s Phoenix-Samyang 28mm f/2.8 Macro with a Hoya orange filter. Film is Tri-X developed in Cachet AB-55.
    I will go back to my cave when this is uploaded.
  32. I keep several loaded: Canonet GIII 17 with Eastman Double-X black & white, Olympus XA-2 with Plus-X, Pentax ZX-5 (with SMC 40mm f2.8) with Fuji Superia 200, Olympus OM-1 with Fuji Superia 400, and Konica TC-X (28mm Hexanon) with Tri-X.
  33. When the sun was out this sunday morning, I was carrying a Agfa Clack, after Gene M posted his Clack results earlier this week.
    And there is still some film in my Leica IIIc, I'm currently using it with a 35mm Elmar lens and a yellow filter.
    Apart from those two classic camera's I've been playing with my Epson R-D1 digital rangefinder camera and thanks to a new LTM-to-M adapter I've been using some Leica glass on it.
    No big projects yet, Re-enactment season doesn't start until April. There's a wedding shoot comming up in May though.
  34. I just went for a walk with my Koni-Omega 100.
    Shot a roll of Arista EDU 200 and will develop it later today.
  35. I just went for a walk with my Koni-Omega 100.
    Shot a roll of Arista EDU 200 and will develop it later today.
    Oops, how did that show up twice. I only went for 1 walk.
  36. Koni Omega 100? That's not a walk, that's exercise. Nice camera, I sometimes wish I had 3 hot shoes.
  37. Wow, fascinating answers. For me, it's two Exakta VX IIa's that I'm testing, and hope to post a thread on next week. I have also won auctions lately for M42 CZ Jena 25mm and 20mm Flektogons and will be trying them out on a Yashica or Contax body next week.
  38. With about 37 choices, Ive been using my Leica R4.
  39. Just finished a roll in my Oly Stylus Infinity, put first roll in a newly aquired Nikon L35AF.
  40. Your timing for this question is funny. This weekend so far, I've used my Nikkormat FT2, Fed 5C, Yashica A, Praktica Super TL, Hanimex 35SL (Chinon CS) and Konica Minolta Dimage Z10 (digicam). So far today, I've seen a beaver, otter, and a deer that I nearly hit with my car. I wonder what else will happen today. :)
  41. The ones I am using now, are A Cambo SCII 4x5, Mamiya RB67 Pro-s, Mamiya 645 Pro. and a Kodak Brownie 2C and a Model 3. Also, a 6x9 Kodak Vigilant. Have others that I need to finish the film roll. A Yashica 44 TLR. Zeiss 520/18 3x4, Mamiy C220, Mamiya Universal, and a Minolta X-370n.
  42. Olympus XA with XP-2 . . .
  43. Olympus OM-1 MD and Zuiko 50mm f1.8
  44. Olympus XA. On March 9th, shot (in the drizzle and snow) a 2200 cubic-yard cement pour for the floating slab of a Mormon church being built across the street from my office. Two cement pumpers, each with two trucks docked. Long day for the crew, truly dawn to dusk.
  45. Yashica Electro 35 GSN with BW400CN then sell it because I've decided I'm just not a rangefinder kind of guy.
    Just finished a Hawkeye roll with the lens reversed. Also shooting with a Lensbaby 3G on a 30D (to learn the lens) and EOS-3 with Velvia (because......well you know why).
    Waiting for a Rolliflex Automat KB4-2 and a Mat 124G to arrive.
    Too many cameras..........................not enough time.
  46. Fujica ST601 with Helios-44, Kodak PONY II.
  47. Shot half a roll in the Yashica FX2 additionally recently aquired SP500(Pentax) with (also recently aquired) 58 Helios 4-M was used Friday so both films to the lab yesterday. Today mmm fondled Pentacon FM and CZJ Tessar. Had visitors and no sun anyway!!
  48. Zeiss Ikon Mess Ikonta 524/2 (Agnar) with Kodak EPP100
  49. Hi, Andy -
    Some plants and flowers are beginning to bloom here in Western Oregon, so for this weekend I loaded the Rolleiflex E-2 with Fuji 160 color. Rolleicord Vb with APX 100 and Retina IIa with Neopan 100, for shots of U of O campus buildings that lend well to B&W. Alas, the rain is going by sideways, (happens here sometimes.) Guess I'm stuck here at the 'puter, reading about the fun others are having outside exercising their old beauties.
    Next week, weather permitting, I'm hoping to get out for some shots of the several old covered bridges we have in our area. The rivers are quite high at the time, makes for more dramatic bridge photo's, especially if large boulders are in the image for the creation of "white water" effects.
    Last week I finished a roll of Velvia 50 in the M-6 TTL, 20 of the shots were taken in Yosemite in late September. My projector is just a so-so old Sawyer, just pleasant images, but viewed on my light box with Schneider 4X loupe, ZOWEE. I really need to invest in a high quality projector and screen, any brand/model recommendations from fellow 'Netter's?
    Hope the rest of you have better weather than me, let's see some results posted if you do, please. Cheers.
  50. Olympus OM10 XA 2 and Argus C44
  51. I have been shooting B&W with the Rolleicord Va, can't wait till the Ektar 100 in 120 size is available. Just turned in the first roll of HP5+ at Walmart from the Ikoflex 1c. Also shot my Canonet QL17 GIII with some Fujifilm, really loved the results. It's now loaded with some Kodak BW400CN. I just got back my processed film from the Yashica Electro-35 GSN, not as sharp as the Canonet, need to make sure it's not the nut behind the wheel before I pass judgement.

    Plans are to get my Nikon-F all fixed up, to acquire a Nikon F100 and thinking about a Bronica SQ-Ai.
  52. Well I am trying out my new Kodak Retina Automatic III with Extar 100 film but, the weather has been bad so I haven't got to do much with it. My guy in CA (Ken Oikawa) called this morning to say that my Canon EF was finished and everything was perfect and will be shipped out tomorrow so, I'll be giving that a try pretty soon.
  53. Pentax KX with Tri-X, SMC pentax 28mm.
  54. Pentax MX (which I think qualifies as a classic because the only electrical thing in it is the meter) and Velvia 50, taking pictures of spring flowers and awakening plants. Also a Pentax ZX-M (a non-classic, but a very simple one and it hides its electronic innards behind a very classic interface of on-body shutter speed dial and on-lens aperture ring) loaded with 400 speed print film for gloomier situations where flash or a tripod won't cut it.
    Both using mostly pre-automatic era lenses with no 'A' setting.
    I love the simplicity and reliability of the MX, and the excellent optics of its viewfinder are a real asset for macro work. No modern SLR finder comes close (they can't -- they're inherently dimmer because the autofocus sensor mandates the use of a light-robbing, partially-silvered reflex mirror).
  55. Minolta QT... loaded with BW400CN... don't know why I've gone back to 16mm in the present, but having a blast with the little thing! :)
  56. I don't know if my cameras qualify as classics, but here is what I use: Olympus OM4 and 4T with a full set of Zuiko lenses, a Leica CM (my favorite street and vacation camera), and a Hasselblad 501CM with 50, 80, and 150. I shoot slide film (E100G and Provia 100) and project both with a 35mm and medium format projector.
  57. I recently picked up a Kodak Ektra, 1 of my holy grail cameras. Amazingly, it seems to have a shutter that actually works. Haven't had the film developed, yet, but my fingers are crossed.
  58. Here's the current list:
    • Ikonta A (Novar), either with FP4+ or Provia 100F, though today it's got some Ektachrome EPY in, which I'm going to cross-process.
    • Spotmatic F, with Kodachrome.
    • Rollei 35 (Tessar), with Kodachrome or some hoarded Ektachrome EPR (yeah, I like old-fashioned emulsions).
    • Bolex B8 8mm movie camera, with Ektachrome 100D.
    Unfortunately for my bank account, I'm thinking of adding a Mamiya C330 to the list.
  59. Lucky Leon. I really liked EPR.
  60. 4x5 Crown Graphic with the last of my Polaroid type 52 print film.
    Mostly, I shoot digital with a Canon Rebel XSi, and Leica CL/40mm/ Tri-X as backup.
  61. Yesterday it was an Ihagee Duplex Luxus 9x12 with a Rada roll film back and a Nikon S2 with a 45mm f2 Planar from a Contax G that I put in a Nikon rangefinder mount.
  62. Took a two-day vacation with family this past weekend to the Loess Hills in Western Iowa. The cameras of choice for the trip was a Pentax K2DMD and an MZ-S. Lenses used were the three limited, an SMC 135/2.5, and a Sigma 600mm mirror lens.
  63. I just got back three cameras from three different repair shops, so I'm testing them out at the moment.
    The first one to return was the Minolta XD11. This one came from e*ay for not much money; it was someone's workhorse, and it came to me in not-great condition: the mirror was broken, although I think that happened in shipping, the decal with the shutter speeds was missing, and it wouldn't wind. Garry Airapetov (sp?) does Minolta stuff, so he got that one. Came back in way better shape than it went there. Only thing wrong I can see so far is the film counter doesn't. I have to send in the roll I shot for developing and see how it works otherwise.
    Then there's the Graflex Century-35 by Kowa (the revised version with the normal focusing, rather than the weird buttons of the original model). This was another e*ay purchase, back when I was a newbie and bid on lots of boxes of junk. Once in a while you got something worthwhile in there, and this was one. The shutter was badly sticky, but otherwise it was in good shape. Funny thing is, there was a sticker in the film compartment stating that it had been CLA'd by a repair shop in Coral Gables, FL, in July of 1976... I tracked down the former serviceman and called his new shop, still in the same town, but they're only a studio now and don't do repairs any more. That one went to Carol Miller, who's my first call for leaf shutter work, and she did her usual excellent job on it. Not many people like to tackle Seikosha shutters, from what I've read online, but she didn't mind taking it on. I like this one. It just feels good to use it, I can't explain any better than that, and the lens has the reputation of being sharp. It's pretty heavy, although lighter than...
    The third camera, which was my grandfather's PraktiSix-II. Boy that one is heavy. Lovely CZJ glass. I last used this one in 1993 for a college assignment; since then nobody's used it. I finally tracked down where it went after my Zaide passed on, and loaded it up. Found that the shutter curtains were stuck. Eventually the first one loosened up, but the second one was still stuck. That camera went down to Leonid Treskunov, who's recommended on pentaconsix.com as the expert on Communist-bloc cameras, and has the advantage of living/working halfway between my house and my work. I just got that back, and I'm trying it out now. My grandfather bought the prism finder, but I think I like the waist-level better, it's easier for someone with my lousy eyesight to focus.
    Oh yeah, I just remembered. Purim was last week, and I hauled out the old Polaroid 104 to take pictures of my 2-year-old son in his horsie costume. Amazed that it still works.
    (I also used my wife's Nikon Coolpix S4 for that, which is off-topic...)
  64. Super Ikonta IV with Tri-X Pro and Crown Graphic 4x5 with Efke 100
  65. Past weekend: my late father's Konica Autoreflex T-C, with 40mm 1.8, 28mm 3.5 and 135mm 3.2. One 36exp. roll of Reala at a very sunny beach. My other SLRs are all Nikons, and the shutter on the Konica has a very different sound.
  66. I'm amazed at all of the different responses, different types of cameras, and different levels of expertise on display in this thread. You folks are all a huge inspiration to me. Since my original post I've added a Minolta XE-5 with an MC Rokkor-X PG 50/1.4 to my photographic mix, and will be testing this one out extensively. So far it feels very nice, very smooth in use. My SRT-102s may be facing a challenge...we'll see!
  67. Original Contarex with a still working light meter. Usually with Velvia 50. I've had it since 1970. I recently bought an Olympus OM-2n for print film.
  68. I'm shooting with a nice old Exakta with 58mm f2 Carl Zeiss Jena Biotar. I picked it up for a song last week, and had fun with it last weekend:
  69. Classically speaking, I've been using a Kalloflex TLR, Mamiya Press, Mamiya-6 folding camera and a Spotmatic II. Its also time to get my Pentax ME and Canon A-1 out of hibernation. A couple of other more modern electronic cameras have also been getting some millage. Mostly I've been shooting street scenes and urban detail stuff.
  70. Most of my professional work is, of course, with digital, although I used my Olympus OMs this past weekend to shoot player and team photos for a sports photo company I work with. They still find film easier to work with than digital. For personal stuff, I'm mostly using my Contax-mount Kiev-4A and Voigtlander Bessa R2C and a variety of CV, Jupiter, Helios and Nikkor lenses. I also have been using my Olympus Pen F and FT system bodies and lenses.
  71. Rollei tlr, d70, nikon fm3a, and tachihara 45. I grabbed the rollei on the way out the door this morning, but I did not take any pictures today.
  72. Last weekend, Chicago: Argus c-four loaded with Neopan 400; Brownie Hawkeye loaded with Fomapan 400...
    Last week: Kodak Starflex and Duaflex, both with Fomapan 100 rolled as 620...
    Still working on the Fairie Project, on 3 1/4x4 1/4 Efke 100 shot in my Preanny Speed...
    Today, maybe the Spartus FullVue with the lens removed and turned into a pinhole.
  73. Last week: Contaflex I (45/2.8) loaded with Arista II 400.
    Today: Spotmatic F with SMC Takumar 55/1.8 and loaded with FP4.
    I'm shooting a lot of black and white in anticipation as I get my new B&W darkroom set up...
  74. fld


    Ok, just for now, I shoot with a Kodak V570 and a Kodak p880. in digital. For film, I shoot a Leica M3, and national graflex series II for MF fun. Beyound that I shoot with an Pacemaker Speed Graphic in 4x5, for more fun.
  75. This week I'm shooting wth Canon EF with the 35mm f2 Thorium lens with Fuji Provia 400 X.
  76. Mostly I use a Graflex 4x5 Super Graphic, but sometimes a 5x7 Speed Graphic, or a 4x5 Graflex Super D SLR.
  77. Yesterday and today, a Zenobia folder, with Tri-X and Acros.
    Next: Ricoh Diacord, with APX100 and Retina IIa with Arista LP400.
    Life is good.
  78. I've been stuck at home all week trying to get over a cold.
    Maybe tomorrow with some early DDR folders I have.
  79. My main walkabout camera is an Isolette III. Also use a Nikon F75 a Toyo 45AII (not classics) and Fuji s5pro, which is a very interesting camera considering it's digital. My Isolette was leaking badly around the bellows and I found a simple repair which re-used the internals of the original bellows.
  80. Oh yes, primarily I shoot Fuji NPZ800 with an E.I. of 600 or TMAX100/400 with this camera, occasionally Fuji chromes, but they're harder to scan. I prefer faster films and stopping down more, it's easy to handhold the isolette at 1/15s. Right now my project is to realise my whole process from visualisation to print. I'm planning on using the printer to produce digital negatives for B&W or straight digital prints in colour.
  81. Here's my old DDR folder - Belfoca with 105mm Feinmess Bonotar f/4,5. Priomat shutter. I had planned to use it next, but the shutter looks to be broken as I tried to set it up, so I guess maybe not....
  82. My first "good" camera... f stops, shutter speeds and zone focusing, Petri Half Frame Jr. Some fun!
  83. Right now I am shooting with my Retina 1 type 141 with Kodak Gold 100. Couldn`t find Fugi 100 film in my small town.
    It should be pretty interesting when developed, as the first 3 shots, I forgot to advance the film. Its great to see eveyone enjoying their classics.
  84. Nikkormat FT that weekend.
  85. New weekend, new camera...Canon FTb with FD 35/2, 100/2, and the questionable Vivitar 24/2.8 with the possible fungus (see other thread).
  86. Konica Auto S1.6 (with Tri-X), Olympus XA (with Legacy Pro 100), and Pentax ZX-5 (with Fuji Superia 400)
  87. Along with my M2s, M6s, M7 and M8, and Nikon Fs, F2 and F3 I have rediscovered the joys of the Canon EF. Bought used in 1980 and never failed me. Recently bought it a New FD 85/1.2L.
  88. Yesterday, I used a Rolleiflex 2.8D TLR and a Bessa L with a Canon FD 19mm 3.5 on the Bessa. Today, I am using a Contax G1 with a 45mm Planar, plus a Zeiss Tenax II with a 40mm Sonnar.
  89. Olympus om1 and olympus om1n + zuiko 24mm, 35mm,50mm , 80mm f2, 135mm, zoom 35-----70 all zuiko,kenko 2x teleconverter, auto extension tube 20mm,auto ext tube 36mm.All bought for 250 euro.All stuff older than me but I'm satisfied with it.Then canon eos 500n+28-80 and 80-200 zooms.Also minolta dynax 500+35-70minolta lens.Again kiev 88cm+55mm shift lens+80mm arsat lens+sonnar 180mm f 2,8+500mm f5,6 mirror lens.Also 3 film backs.Sverdlovsk4 lightmeter.Only bw films like tmax both 100 and 400,efke r25, foma t200,fortepan100,txp320. I do darkroom myself.
  90. Andy, maybe you should have defined "right now" a little more rigidly. "Right now" is now over a week old, and I'm into my second roll in a number of the cameras I mentioned earlier. Whew... a marathon thread. P.S. Add my Zenit 3 to the list. ;-)
  91. Isn't the point of this forum to live outside the moment? Now is irrelevant.
    I just threw a roll of Ektar in my Zeiss Contarex. I've been craving the polarizing filter for my 50mm Planar, but the wife thinks 50+ for a filter is crazy. I'm also trying to figure out how the Zeiss Proxar filters work. What the heck does f=.2m, f=.35m, or f=1m mean? May have to post about this later.
  92. pentax k1000 my uncle found in his basement. no frills. as i always say, the camera is inconsequential...its the person using it.
  93. Bonifaz, if I'm not mistaken (and I hope someone corrects me if I am) the Proxars are the close up lenses made by Zeiss. I believe f=1 represents focusing for infinity at one meter, f=2 represents focusing for infinity at 1/2 meter, etc... There are tables that tell you what to set the focus for at specifically measured distances. Keep a tape measure handy. I'm pretty sure the distances measured are measured from the film plane. I found an easier way to use the close up lenses. I just got matched pairs, and used them together on a TLR. You have to correct for the parallax, but what the hell. What are the filter threads on your lenses for the Contarex? We have a camera show coming up next weekend, and used linear polarizers are pretty cheap. You won't need a CP for the Contarex. I've gotten quite an array of polarizers, and the most I've paid for any one is $5.00.
  94. Ok here goes, Pentax K1000, Minolta SRT202, Nikkormat FTn, Canon AE1, Ricoh MX2, Argus C3, Argus Super 75, Yashica 44LM, Yashicamat EM, Yashica Electro 35 GS, Minolta Vest and an old Reflecta. Of these, most have been shot in the last 6 months.

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