What are the worst Photoshop edits of all time?

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  1. What are the worst Photoshop edits of all time?
  2. An online search for "Photoshop fail" should provide enough candidates. - Why really care to know the worst?
    If you want people's opinions, get them on common ground with a hand full of linked examples. Or specify the question if crude craft is worse than stupidity or similar.
  3. Interesting question, while you're wondering, what is the worse breakfast ever made?
  4. Well, I just found out via a google search that Denny's has a "Peanut Butter Cup Pancake and Sausage" breakfast, so that could be a good start.
    Let's try to narrow it down first. Would it be a good edit of a really bad photo or a bad edit of a really good photo? Or, if it were a bad edit of a really bad photo, how would you know? ;-)
  5. .............
    Not really a "worst ever" but, for me, the most long-running, most irritating Photoshop edit is this (partial view):


    For years and years and years, at the beginning of most movies, I have been forced to look at that blue rendition of the Photoshop Craquelure filter while not reading what I am supposed to be reading but refuse to read because I'm supposed to be forced to read it. I stare at the texture and think: "Craquelure." And transfer my hate to Craquelure (and to all of Photoshop's incredibly ancient filters that everybody is thoroughly sick of seeing). Craquelure is what prevents me from seeing the movie that I paid to see and am instead being forced to look at Craquelure ...

    Recent FBI warnings seem to leave out the snappy background, so I'm being forced to hate pure colors instead. I can do that, too.
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  6. I can only answer in parallel with this exchange with Dean Wormer (my beau ideal when I was a dean)'

    Animal House

    Each Photoshop edit is "outstanding in its own way"
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    Talk to your doctor. They have a pill which can help you with this... :p
  8. ..................

    ... which is my segway to going all serious on you.

    I think the worst Photoshop edit has been and will be that it killed news.

    I love Photoshop. I use it every day, I can't imagine not having it in my life; I love what it can do with pictures. But there are, as it turns out, terrible unintended consequences that come from having such a tool.

    I know, and most of you know, what Photoshop does and how it does it and we're pretty comfortable judging pictures that have been edited. But the general public that has no knowledge of Photoshop, that has no way of knowing what or whether or how a picture might or might not have been edited, has simply lost its faith in what is being presented.

    Before Photoshop, photographs operated (deservedly or not) on the gold standard: everybody believed, without thinking too much about it, that the pictures were backed up by a 'reality' that was beyond question. The news showed us pictures and therefore we knew it was true. Photoshop took us off the gold standard and floated the currency. What a picture means now depends on the 'economy' of the image. It has made news into a religion, a matter of belief. Somebody else's news, news that you don't believe in is FAKE NEWS. I really do think this originated in Photoshop; I really do think this is an unintended consequence of this beautiful software that I love and use and can't live without. Ironically, it's the people who don't use Photoshop who have made this 'worst' edit to their belief system.
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    We are deluged by 'news', information, audio racket, targeted marketing, and chained to systems and environments that deliver it. It is very difficult to find any place outside of one we control and structure that is not immersing us in sound and sight. It takes much more now to grab our attention--and to keep it any length of moments. Stuff is crafted to change our motivations, perceptions, moods, and behaviors. It's a roller coaster ride of stimuli mostly targeted to induce us to spend money... :mad:

    Right now I am conducting my own estate sale. I love film and wet chemistry, but except for some romantic fondness for the adventures of my salad days--it no longer fits into how I see my photography and vision moving forward. Digital and PS have opened formerly impossible doors. Forget the 'authenticity' rubbish, I simply want images that make me happy--and express some meager spark of creativity. So focus, and everything must go!
  10. I just remind people that before Photoshop there was the airbrush.

    I highly recommend this book on any number of levels, including for this thread:
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    1984 - Ministry of Truth.

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