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  1. I see on some of my photos and on virtually every other photo a number next to the word Impressions. What are impressions? It's easy to see views and admires, but there is nothing to indicate what an Impression is or how they come about.

    Help me understand this.
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  2. I "think" you register an impression when someone drags their mouse over your photo. I'd like a better explanation myself.
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  3. When viewing an image if you hold your cursor over the word impressions it then says "Visible in a list as a thumbnail or directly viewed (accrued daily). Does that help ?
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  4. Someone viewing a thumbnail of your photo generates an impression. Opening it to full size generates a view. But don’t for a minute think the count you see is accurate, as PN’s software is about as accurate at counting as Donald Trump’s bookkeepers.
  5. That implies that of the hundreds of people may see your photo in a gallery, very few bothered to click on it. A high impression count may be viewed as a negative.
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  6. I simply ignore it. It's useless and most likely incorrect information.
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  7. I would try to test this but I am afraid that you're all correct that PN's software is, well lacking.
  8. "Trending" is another hard one to figure out. I don't even recognize half those names.
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  9. Sandy Vongries

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    There are a bunch of folks who don't interact on the Fora, but just post photos. After viewing for a while, many of the names become familiar, many of the photos very good to excellent. A viable (and possibly less irritating) way to participate.
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  10. What I find odd about the Trending section is how it is determined what photos are posted. Many photos just go to another, and much longer place for "All recently uploaded photos" How is the decision made to make one photo a "Trending" photo while others are relegated to the "All other" pile? Personally, I think that some of the stuff I have seen in the Trending section is TERRIBLE - but I will not name names. I do agree with Sandy that many of the Trending photos are good to excellent. I would give anything to have a fraction of the talent of many of the photographers on PN.

  11. Maybe they go off the "Impressions".
  12. No one knows and there may be quite a bit of randomness to it. Likely some flawed algorithm that's as meaningless as impressions.

    The gallery side of the site and its supposed "features" was never properly or even well developed and has certainly never been adequately explained.
  13. I don't think they use Impressions. I have uploaded multiple photos one after the other several times only to see one in the Trending pane and the other in the "All Other..." pane. Its a mystery.
  14. Tony Parsons

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    Oh, surely not. What devastating news.
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  15. Top of Trending page reads as follows :-
    All trending photos are recently uploaded, categorized photos that have the most views, admires, favorites & comments. New submissions start at the bottom so be sure to scroll down!
  16. Don't believe everything you read! PN's "instructions," list of "subscription benefits" and "informative descriptions" don't always match reality.
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  17. Sam, "impressions" as distinguished from views came about when the current version of PN was created. (I'm sure you know this.). My own view is that distinction is either spurious or useless, or both.
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  18. Mick, your work is just fine in my book.
  19. Michael, I appreciate your kind comment about my work, but I know that I have much, much more to learn. I see the excellent and creative work of many great PN photographers like yourself that make me want to get back out there. I've been stuck at home for the most part due to my health and the covid lockdown. Hopefully I'll get back out with a couple of my children and grandchildren to pass the torch.

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  20. Indeed, unless covid still has your area by the throat, get out there with your gear. You can use the young'uns to carry it!
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