What acessories are available for Yashica Mat 124G ?

Discussion in 'Medium Format' started by ron_hughes, Feb 2, 1998.

  1. I recently bought a Yashica Mat 124G in the UK for 189 pounds (ie approx US$314) which included a case, a lens hood, two close-up lenses (No.1 and No.2) and a skylight filter (bayonet fitting) plus a set of yellow, amber and red filters (with a separate screwthread/bayonet adaptor).


    My question is: what other accessories, if any, are (still) available for this fixed lens camera?


    Are/were any wide-angle and/or telephoto (teleconverter?) lenses available. If so, where?
  2. The Yashica bayonets are the same size as Rollei BayI, so Rollei lens accessories in that size will fit. The one you might find useful, given your close up lenses, is the Rolleipar. This is a close up lens that goes on the upper viewing lens and has a wedge or prism built into it to correct for parallax. Rolleipars come in strengths 1, 2 (and maybe 3) to match the corresponding close up lens (called a Rolleinar) used on the taking lens, and these can often be found in sets. On the other hand, I don't know if the Rollei number designations will match those on the close up lenses you already have.
  3. Many thanks for the info. I didn't realize that the bayonets are the same size. The Rollei close-up lenses sound like a more elegant design - hardly surprising given the price difference between the two makes. I don't think it would be wise to mix lenses, and as I already have close-up/viewing lenses, naturally I'm more interested in a wide-angle and/or telephoto/teleconvertor. By the way, I meant to mention that I also have a manual, but that doesn't provide the information I'm after. I believe that Focal Press publish a book about the Yashica TLRs, so I'll probably try to get hold of a copy.

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