What about Rollei Retro 100 / Agfa APX 100 souped in Diafine?

Discussion in 'Black and White' started by leon chang, Apr 18, 2007.

  1. What about Rollei Retro 100 / Agfa APX 100 souped in Diafine? Did anyone try
    this and what are the results? Would like to do a roll and am curious of yr
  2. Forgot to add: looking to rate it at 400 iso.
  3. I have had good results with APX 100 rated at iso 200 in Diafine.
  4. Apx 100 in Diafine is at most 250 I rate it at 200. nice grain and tones.

  5. No way you'll get a two stop push out of APX 100 even in Diafine. Tri-X, arguably one of the better films to pair up with Diafine, does well with approximately a 2 stop push (EI of 1250 to 1600) only when the scene is evenly and somewhat flatly lit, with no important details in the deep shadow areas. If the scene does have very deep shadows with important detail, then one can expect to rate the film somewhat lower, allowing for only 1 stop of under exposure. Ilford's FP4+ performs about the same way when rated at only twice its nominal speed of ISO 125.

    If you need a 400 speed film, why not use one in the first place? There are a number of very good choices on the market at reasonable prices. The best of the bunch include Tri-X and TMax 400 from Kodak, HP5+ and Delta 400 from Ilford, and Neopan 400 from Fuji. If you are looking for a budget priced film, Freestyle's Arista.EDU Ultra 400 is definitely worth a try. Whicle not on par with the previously mentioned top tier films, it fares pretty well considering its ultra low price. Exposed and developed normally, you will get a superior negative from any of these films compared to a pushed slower film.

    What it boils down to in the end is the amount of information that is captured on the negative. Pushing film will always cost you something in lost shadow detail. Remember, you can't print what's not there but you can always discard any extra unnecessary information at printing time.
  6. Download the DIAFINE Development Chart from FOTO-RIEGLER in Austria!

  7. http://www.fotohuisrovo.nl/documentatie/Diafine_Acu-1_BKA.pdf

    so E.I. 200
  8. It don't push get some 400 if that is the speed you want. I push alot of stuff but Diafine does not puse it makes the best of what it has to work with. APX400 in bulk is still about 20 bucks a spool on the internet not counting shipping. Larry

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