What about dolly?

Discussion in 'Accessories' started by richardanderson, May 31, 2017.

  1. I really can't see how that little dolly can be motorised, unless it's a clockwork motor. And how do you steer it remotely?

    If it's just a set of wheels, then surely a rollerskate or skateboard would do just as well? Cheap RC toy truck?

    There are loads of off-the-shelf gadgets that would carry a camera at near ground level. And more versatile ones too.
  2. The film industry makes considerable use of dollys in lieu of panning and zooming. Unless they are used on a smooth studio floor, dollys also require the setting of rails, which is the responsibility of riggers. Stabilization or no, I would not expect useable results of an inexpensive motorized dolly apart from crude, verite techniques like running with the camera in "Blair Witch" type stuff. Hand-held stabilization rigs work pretty well if the videographer uses the right technique when moving. This resembles a crab-walk, like something from a Marx Brothers movie. You could use such a rig and have a friend push or pull you in a wagon. An actual dolly, which resembles an office cart with a stool, is not all that expensive, and sits closer to the ground.

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