Weston Master V repair options

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  1. I acquired a Weston Master V the other day. I picked it up for next to nothing on ebay but unfortunately, it seems to have the dreaded selenium cell problem. The thing is, I really like this meter. Its got a lovely solid feel to it. It came in its original brown leather case which is in good condition and I also have the invercone which also has its brown leather case.
    I'd really like to get this working again but I do have a limit on how much I'd like to pay. I live in the UK and a quick check on photo.net archives came up with a company called Megatron here in the UK. I contacted them but they replied saying that they don't repair the Weston Master and that selenium cells are hard to find now.
    What other options do I have? Are there still places in the U.S. that repair them and if so how much would it cost. I'm looking at $75-$80 max. Thanks in advance.
  2. Try Quality Light Metric in Los Angeles, CA.
  3. In the UK, try:
    Newton Ellis & Company
    29 Cheapside
    L2 2DY
    Tel. 0151 236 1391
    They are great for classic (and modern) photo gear - if new cells are available in the UK, they will know.
  4. I second QLM, it will run you $80, he will replace the selenium cell and clockwork, and calibrate. I had mine done about a year ago, the guy is wonderful. Just give him a call.
    (323) 467-2265
    7095 Hollywood Blvd Ste 550
    Los Angeles, CA 90028
  5. Thanks to everyone but especially to David. It would appear that Newton Ellis & Co do still replace the cells on the Master V.
  6. Look; it your car will not start; you try the battery cables and clamps before replacing the starter motor or battery; or the entire car.
    BUT on Photo.net the "it is always the selenium cell" tale continues. Sometimes the cells actually die; other times you just use a pencil eraser to fix the corrosion on the cells frame.
    In auto repair; replacing say a Mercedes starter when it is just a loose battery clamp might be called fraud; in meter repair; you call it the customers stupidity. The lay public is convinced that they are experts; thus they are "OK" with this common con.
    What is really funny is this issue is old; it was in the National Camera course series of the 1960's I took.

    One often has a totally weird camera that is a SOB to get to the meter; and all is wrong is corrosion. You use a 5 cent arrow head eraser to fix 100's of cameras and a meters. Since today there is little respect for the labor involved in fixing stuff; letting the customer believe it is the meter cell; muffler bearing; skyhook is common. You make this part be expensive; and the labor less. It makes folks happier.
    Even dumb Goober at the Mayberry gas station understands that a loose battery connector will make Andys Ford not crank.
    About 1/2 of the so called "dead" AS IS/dead cameras and meters I buy off of Ebay require just an eraser to fix.
    As the repair world dumbs down even more; folks will throw out mowers when they run out of gas:)
    One has jumped pivots; worn out cells; and the other half is good cells with just a corroded back contact.
    The funny thing is that my dads GE meter still reads accurately; but has had to have its meter brass frame and rear spring contact "touched up" with an eraser. It was bought about 1945. It got an eraser treatment when Kennedy; Ford and Reagan were in office.
    standard photo.net dogma is to preach that the cell goes bad. One wonders if these same believers buy new starters for cars when a dumb clamp is loose? Part of dogma is blindly following others; and disconnecting your brain; and hand others your wallet.
    Selenium cells are not hard to find at all; you just buy junkers for a nil price; since the Koolaid drinkers declare stuff dead when their brains are turned off.
    As less and less folks are in repair; weird dogma arises. Dumb issues like simple corrosion on a contact become had to fathom.
  7. The meter in the bottom row; 2/3'rds to the right cost 5 dollars about 40 years ago from Seymours Exakta; a "Jonan Mini". During Katrina it floated out of my summer house; I found it 300 feet from the house in a pile of crap. To get the meter to work I had to pop it open; hose it out and use an eraser. It reads within about 1/2 stop of my other meters. I found it 6 months after Katrina; meter cell facing up. Koolaid drinkers believe that the "cell is dead" since it will not work at first. Realistically the meter probably floated; maybe only 1/3 full of salt water. Koolaid drinkers are scared of simple fixes; ie an eraser.
    Here is a camera that went through the same event; but is a bunch of worthless crud:

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