Weston light meter

Discussion in 'Leica and Rangefinders' started by tim_tan|1, Nov 18, 2003.

  1. I am trying to get a new Weston Euromaster ll . Anyone know where I
    can get one in U.S. other than order them directly from U.K.?? I use it
    mainly for my meterless M3.

  2. Quality Lightmetric in Hollywood, CA might carry them.
  3. Just buy direct, it's quick and easy, no middle man and their mark-up.
  4. Steve is correct. I ordered the meter directly from the company through email and was charged £142.80, and that included air-mail shipping. The meter arrived about 10 days after I ordered it. I included my credit card details on a .pdf file that was attached to the email. Very easy and Megatron were good with the email communication. EuroMaster II.
  5. Your crazy for trying to buy a new eromaster. I just got a weston master V for 3 bucks it's mint and it reads spot on. It's also the exact same meter as the eromaster II and if the selenium cell does wear out and these meters run forever; you can have it replaced for 95 dollars. So $250 vs $3 or $98 with a refurb.

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