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  1. I've got an uncle who lives near Nashville and is looking to buy a camera. The Best Buy in Kalamazoo has a Canon PowerShot G10 that he will probably buy if he can't find someone with a Pentax X70 in stock. He likes the X70 specs better, but he's an old school hands on kinda guy and wants to put his hands around something before he spends that kind of money. Anyone know of a shop in that part of the state that would have an X70 on hand?
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    You might try Helix in Chicago. I'd call first though.
  3. Could call The Camera Shop of Lansing . They don't have X70 listed on their website but they seem to have at least a minor Pentax presence so might be worth a call. I guess there's always the chance that a Best Buy, Walmart, or Office Depot might have one but it would be hard to know for sure without calling ahead (and even then you're at the mercy of their staffs).
  4. Norman Camera & Video 3602 S. Westnedge Ave. Kalamazoo, MI 49008 http://www.normancamera.com/
    Purchased my first 4x5 camera and an Omega D2V from them in 1972. They're a very good, full service, camera store.

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