Westcott Strobelite 800 WS (400WS X 2) Monolight Promo Pack

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  1. I was wondering if 2 of these Strobelite 400WS lights can be powered by a Vagabond Mini Lithium simultaneously. The info on Paul C. Buff's website does explicitly state that the VML is "for operating AC powered studio flash units in the field". My understanding is that current that comes from a pure sine wave inverter & battery like Vagabond Mini Lithium is AC. Has anyone used the VML with these Strobelite lights?
    Here is the link:
  2. I can power a 1,000 Watt-second Speedotron Force 10 with a Vagabond Mini Lithium (VML), but have never tried more than one strobe from a single VML. I bought two VMLs and plan to power only one strobe from each for best performance. I recall reading the VML thread on the Buff technical forums where someone was able to power two Alien Bees/Einstein strobes (I've forgotten which) from a single VML, while another post said that the VML was unable to power two similarly powered, non-Buff strobes.
  3. From http://www.paulcbuff.com/vm120.php

    one to four Paul C. Buff™ flash units (the more lights connected, the longer the recycle time)

    Recycle Time

    recycles 160 Ws in approx. 0.75 seconds

    recycles 320 Ws in approx. 1.5 seconds

    recycles 640 Ws in approx. 3 seconds

    recycles 1280 Ws in approx. 7 seconds

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