WEPHOTA NP 22 (4x5") developing charts

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  1. This is the only affordable lf film today in Warsaw! So I purchased it and later discovered that there isn't any cheat sheet or developing chart in the box and neither in internet...can somebody help me. I process usually in batches of 6 films, would be hard for me to test it before this saturday, when I'll have a portrait session...so, any developing chart is more than welcome.
    I'd like to develope it with id11 1+3
    many thanks
  2. Wouldn't http://www.digitaltruth.com/devchart.php?Film=NP&Developer=&mdc=Search
    be more appropriate? (Found under the unlisted data link.)
  3. Thanks Peter, but It seems that ORWO is not the same film than this new wephota...Charles, how did you find it?...I need to test the film anyway, because digitaltruth doesn't convince me...np films, but no wephota mentioned, and orwo was np films too...I wrote also to wophota, no reply jet. The first and only film put in the market with not a simgle clear data sheet...(by the way on the pack there's no expiry date too...the seller told me they are fesh!)
  4. Charles, how did you find it?.​
    http://www.digitaltruth.com/ > The Massive Developing Chart > unlisted data > Wephota =
  5. Thanks Charles, there's still a lot of confusion about these films...Digitaltruth talks about "discontinued films", but the box I have is brand new, also if is the first time I see a box of films without any date stamped on it!
    Then, I have just received an email from Lumiere-Shop in Germany, one of the few dealers that have stocks of these films, that says: take the times of Foma 100.And these times are completely different from those you linked to me. So, online about wephota is a mess...I hope wephota will email me back soon. I will go anyway with my decision to test the developing times, and post results next week.
  6. Federico, a discontinued film can remain in circulation for quite some time after production is stopped. They are often made in huge batches. Some vendor still has a bunch in their inventory, I guess. No date on the box probably indicates it was past it's original best date. BW film lasts, so no worries.
    I would use digital truth charts, as they are dev times submitted from users. And as anything else in this world, it is just a starting point. You may have to adjust accordingly.
  7. Hi Federico,
    I'll brake a pledge of OMETRA and tell you a secret given by American war photographers to Russian war photographers at the end of World War II.
    1. In a darkroom cut off a few strips 6-8 mm wide from the film you want to develop.
    2. Turn the lights on. The strips are fogged now.
    3. Take one strip with your right hand and a stopwatch with your left hand.
    4. Dip one half of the strip in a developer and start a stop watch. The emulsion side of the
    film strip placed in a developer will start lightening first and then darkening.
    6. Divide the number of SECONDS shown by the stopwatch by 3. This is your developing
    time in MINUTES. If stopwatch shows 24 seconds, developing time is 8 minutes.
    7. Repeat two-three times for consistency. This method never failed for the last 60 years.
    Buena fortuna,
    Victor Petryakov
  8. I must try this. Thanks Victor.
  9. Victor! I believe anyone who has a darkroom (or some dark room at home), has to try it!
  10. Hey a live link with email contact.
  11. Larry...I emailed 4 days ago. No reply jet...
  12. NP22 OrWo is from the past very old DDR production film. Wephota, Banse & Grohmann was a small part of it in (OrWo) photo paper production. However they had always a very good relation ship with Foma in the Czech Republic. I am almost sure they are selling now under Wephota NP22 the Fomapan 100 B&W film.
    If you have original NP22 film (22 DIN) it could be before 1991. NP15 was also famous OrWo film. OrWo Filmotec made this film for Rollei-Maco in 2005 again and this version 1 Rollei Pan 25 was a real good slow speed film (iso 25/DIN15).
  13. Thanks everybody for your kind contributions. Finally wephota replied with this email. I copy and past here:
    Hi Frederico Caponi,

    development times for wephota sheet film NP 22 (100ASA)at a 20° C developer temperature:
    ID 11 stock solution 6 – 7 min
    ID 11 dilution 1+1 8 – 10 min
    ID 11 dilution 1+3 15 – 16 min

    Bet regards

    Dieter Grohmann

    So, as you can see in the chart, the general film tollerance should be high. I will do my tests asap.

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