Weltax tested again.

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  1. Last year I bought a Welta Weltax from a friend in the Ukraine. The first test roll wasn't pretty. The camera had a weird focus issue and the shutter was ...erratic.

    So last month I took the Compur-S shutter apart to have a look. With some help from some knowledgeable folk I figured out what was wrong with it and after bending a certain part into shape everything seemed to work fine.

    While working on the shutter I saw that one part of the struts that hold it in position was hanging limply at the side. A guide pin jumped out of the track in the part. A couple of seconds with a some pliers fixed that right up.

    And then the Welta disappeared on the shelf for a while, until I got some new 120 format film.

    So last weekend I loaded it up with some Fomapan 100 Classic and took it with me on a trip to the antique market in the Fortress city of Heusden. I used the 4.5x6cm frame mask for this roll.
    The lens on the Weltax is an uncoated Schneider-Kreuznach 7.5cm f/2.8 Xenar.

    The Weltax (on the left) with my Wirgin Edinex I (and Kodak Signet 35) when it arrived from the Ukraine all those months ago.

    1. One of the little harbors of the city on the Maas river
    2. One of the 3 windmills, viewed from the 'volkstuin'.
    3. Shady dog
    4. Brocante & Antique Market
    5. Spot the bit of militaria
    6. View from the backyard
    7. My nephew testing his new teeth
    Bit of glow and slightly low contrast, but that's to be expected from an uncoated lens.
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  2. Nice results, Rick. Good looking backyard!
  3. Great repair job and nice results. Thanks for posting.
  4. I think your results are quite nice. My ZI 520 is also a non-coated and leaks ligth to boot so I think you did a great job and since you managed the shutter too KUDOs! Another fine classic in your possession.
  5. Despite the slightly flat results, I like the muted tones of these images, with every scrap of detail visible in shadows and highlights. There's a nice "antique" feel to them. Good to have another classic up and running; thanks for the post.
  6. Nice.
    My own encounter was with the Rheinmetall-made DDR version (link). This may inspire me to give it another run.

    Is yours dual format or only 6x6?
  7. Thanks for the responses,
    I agree they are a little flat. I shot most of these with Sunny f/11 so I might have over exposed a bit here and there. I had to adjust the levels in a number of them.
  8. Congratulations on the repair...you are braver than me! Like the results, these old uncoated lenses always appeal to me, and the contrast is easily adjusted in the darkroom or in photoshop.
  9. These are some sharp shots, Rick. I'm sure your nephew
    will cherish the shot of him. Nice shots all in all and
    good job on the shutter repair. Neat camera you got
    there mate.
  10. Rick,
    I always like to see the results after a camera has been repaired. You have done a fine job with the repair and this presentation of photos.
    Don't you have some 70th anniversary events coming up in September? It will be great to see the results of them.
  11. Thank you for the comments,

    Marc, The Big Re-enactment Trip this year for me will be: "The Pursuit", chasing the Germans out of France. 10 days, traveling, "Fighting", photographing, filming and camping along the route the 2nd US Armored Division took in the late summer of 1944, between Lihons and Cambrai. With about a 180 others with correct uniforms, gear and vehicles.

    I'm not going to any of the Operation Market-Garden events, because I feel that they've become way too commercial; Both the XXX-corps' Project 70 tour and OMG2014 event.
    Same reason I did not go to Normandy this year.
  12. Hello Rick and all,

    Today I received my first folder, the Welta Weltax with Zeiss Jena 75mm/f3.5. Being a novice with this type of camera, I accidentally rolled an entire roll of Portra 400 through it because I couldn't see the frame count and was unsure how much winding I need to do :D I'd appreciate any advice or tips from people familiar with what looks to be a beautiful little camera.
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