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  1. I have a Welta Garant in a Brown leather case I inherited. I know little about this Camera and its value. It is in fairly good shape and appears to work. Pictures are available. Can someone advise me about this Camera?
  2. Google is always useful. The following site:


    gives a value of $ 33-53.

    Here: http://wayneyang.wordpress.com/2005/01/20/welta-camera-in-my-pocket/ there is more info (excuse me, is that your comment there?)

    It seems to be a classic prewar 120 German folder, 6x9 cm format. I would bet on a quite good quality type, based on the large aperture and the relatively complex shutter type. Year of the Garant model is given as 1937 in several places in the Net.

    I cannot identify the lens; if you post what is written around the lens you may get feedback from the folks. The Nelsonfoto forum is also a very good resource for these questions (http://nelsonfoto.com/v/).

    Get a fresh 120 roll inside and give the old girl a hop!
  3. Very nice!
    Also ebay user "certo6" is agood source of information.
    Look him up, he has a great webpage.
  4. Welta made quality cameras for sure. so much so that Lieca allowed the use of thier elmar lens on a couple of thier 35mm cameras (weltini). the Garant obviously is 120 6x9 or 4,5x6 format; the idea being to save on film cost as it was targeted mainly at the amature/family user according to some advertising catalogues by Welta, albeit a higher end camera than many others on the market (it was no kodak!!). it uses the same body as the Welta Trio and Symbol but is higher spec offering than those, with its lens shutter combo and the use of the paralex correcting veiwfinder (instead of the pop up sports frame). which also converts size to show the 6x9 or 4,5x6 borders. in its day it cost around RM80+ with the c/rapid shutter (many only have the compur 1-250) and the 3,8 trinar (i cant tell for sure what lens yours have but its a guess). a Trio would have cost around RM72 and a Symbol RM40 to give you an idea. on the other end Welta's top offerings in 6x9 were the Weltur (coupled rangefinder) and TLR Superfekta which cost about RM180 and RM200 respectivly. a great camera to use and enjoy, solid as a rock..gota love those weltas!!
  5. Alas, worth very little today, probably less than in this 2007 post.

    I'd suggest that, even before it became a DDR state industry, it would be more accurate to say that Welta made "competent" cameras.
  6. My 1996 'Hove International Blue book' gave its value then as £20 / $30. For an example in mint condition. Even allowing for inflation, that would be no more than about £35 / $50 today.

    In general cameras are no 'investment'. They might keep pace with inflation if you're lucky and spike briefly in price if you're very lucky and have a model that inexplicably becomes desirable.

    In the early 1960s I bought a 1/4 plate Thornton-Pickard Junior Special reflex. An impressive-looking camera made in about 1920. At the time I foolishly thought that it would escalate in value and be part of my pension pot.

    I paid £25 IIRC, and today it's worth maybe £80 - £100. Which is much less than I paid for it allowing for inflation!:(

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