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  1. My Dry Plate journey started in 2017 with a Bachelor's degree from Contemporary Autochrome. Autochrome was my entry point into the world of what I call Photography Craft. When trying to reproduce the mysterious Autochrome I gained basic skills in emulsion making, coating glass plates, processing etc. I was introduced to a completely different way of making photographs from what I was used to being born in the digital age. I sold my DSLR, bought my very first 4x5 camera, dived deep into 19th century photography books, goot completely hooked and never looked back to this day. At that point I realized that I can merge two passions, photography and handcraft into one so I continued making Dry Plates and exploring other historical processes. I got addicted with the magic of it all and started to spend more and more time in my shipping container darkroom.

    Since I am a strong believer that knowledge should be shared I started a Youtube channel two years ago making videos, blogging and sharing my passion for early photography. I soon realized that there are quite a few like minded people out there who would love to shoot Dry Plates but lack skill, required space, chemicals or simply don't have enough time. At that point I was working in a family tourist office through the summer earning enough to get me through the year and nurture my hobby. We all know what happened to tourism in 2020 when the virus started spreading. We literally had to shut down overnight and the situation for everyone working in this industry became hard, very hard.

    I dreamed of being a craftsman since I was a little boy but never had enough courage to say no to a secure income. Being a student, living from paycheck to paycheck I suddenly had no other choice but to go all in. And so the Zebra was “born”. After many months of experimenting and figuring out how to produce plates in larger quantities I coated and sold my very first box of plates in December of 2020. In a couple of weeks I sold another box and another one to the point where nowadays I coat hundreds of them each month. It was definitely not an easy start but I was determined to make my dream job a reality so besides Zebra Dry Plates I soon started working on a new line of Zebra Dry Plate equipment that makes shooting with Dry Plates much more accessible and enjoyable.



    Zebra Standard ISO 2 Dry Plates are a contemporary version of high quality Dry Plates from the 1890s. Just like in the old days they are hand coated (poured) with ultra fine grain silver gelatine emulsion that is sensitive only to UV and blue light. Contrast of the plates is moderate to high making them ideal for further use with alternative printing processes. However despite the high contrast there is less separation in the shadows meaning they can also be scanned and digitized with great results. Plates are rated at ASA 2 under winter lighting at middle latitudes, but as with other primitive processes, the effective speed of the plate will vary for a few stops depending on actual UV levels. Zebra Dry Plates are completely hand made and therefore kept to the highest standard of excellence and embody all the latest improvements.

    Standard sizes I have in stock are: 4x5”, 5x7”, 8x10”, 9x12(cm), 3A, “Whole Format”

    What about Custom Sized Plates?

    Sure whether you need tiny or ultra large plates, just measure your plate holder and send me an inquiry with the desired measurements on https://zebradryplates.com

    I am convinced that making Dry Plates and sharing the beauty of forgotten photographic techniques is my life’s purpose. Like with other crafts also Dry Plate production is based on hard work that requires a lot of precision, consistency and very strong dedication. But seeing others shooting the plates you’ve made with your own hands just a few days prior and seeing all the joy they have while making beautiful photographs is definitely worth the grind. Thank you for helping me keep this craft alive!

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  2. its good that you also offer the holder !
  3. Thank you Richard. Yes additional equipment for techniques that old is absolutely mandatory ;)

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