Weird vertical lines in Canon EOS 6d mark ii pictures

Discussion in 'Canon EOS' started by muralikallem, Dec 7, 2017.

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    I recently bought Canon EOS 6D mark ii. I used the camera for second time and took some pictures outdoors. While 30+ pictures came out good but 5 or 6 didn’t. They have weird vertical lines on them.
    Any idea what they are? Is it a bad sensor?


  2. That doesn't look good. There is a lot of noise too, were these shots terribly under exposed and turned up in post, though that doesn't look like banding brought out by raising shadows, was this correct exposure? Grasping at straws, but try another memory card to rule that out. We're you using any alternate firmware like Magic Lantern that could have done something, just asking. You could try resetting the camera to factory spec. But it may be a camera issue. Hopefully the camera is still under warranty. I am thinking it is a camera issue, could be a bad sensor, bad connection, cracked board, was the camera in a wet or damp place, extreme conditions. Sending it back to Canon Service may be your only course of action. That's a bummer. :-(
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  3. I tried with Auto ISO. Camera is new but i cut the UPC for mailin rebate. Im thinking Adorama can help exchange. You thunk it could be a memory card issue?

    Camera wasn’t in wet condition btw
  4. I think your option now is repair under the warranty, since you've "accepted" the camera by cutting out the code for rebate. :(

    Adorama may help with that, I don't know. I'd call them for advice, once you have established that the problem is the camera not something you've done or set.
    Try the reset to default (see manual) and retry the camera.
  5. No, I doubt it, but it would be worth trying. That is why I said grasping at straws. It could just be a bad camera off the production line.
    Since it is new, either Adorama or Canon should make it right as long as you didn't do something to harm the camera that caused this issue. New camera out of the box, regardless if you sent in the rebate, you have a receipt.
  6. paul ron

    paul ron NYC

    send it back!

    adoroma will just jerk you around.
  7. If it's new Canon will take care of it. In my experience their service is Outstanding with fast turn around times. It's worth checking out the SD card. I had a problem with vertical lines with my old 5D and it turned out I had a bad Kingston 8gb CF card. Bought a Sandisk card and that solved the problem.

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