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Discussion in 'Nikon' started by brian_choong, Jul 28, 2010.

  1. My friend just got a second hand D700, after he take back home a have some test, he found very strange image result that produce by the D700. Then after that I take out my D700 (I get it newly 8 month ago).
    It is seem like the white balance is not consistent on the whole image, same composition, same setting, when I keep on shoot, no matter is continuos shoot CL/CH/S, I also able get such image
    Some time the left hand side is yellow, some time is the middle is yellow....
    I really cannot imagine I am using it for 8 month and not realize this issue until tonight...
    Is there any one facing the same issue?
    I shoot under pendaflour light, ISO6400, shutter 1/800, F2.2....
    No matter I set the WB to custom, or I reduce the ISO from 6400 to 1600, I still able to get such inconsistent result...
  2. Is "pendaflour" the same as "fluorescent"? If so, the problem may be that the lamp is changing color as it flickers.
    At shutter speeds above the sync speed (above 1/250th in the case of the D700), the shutter is just a slit that moves across the frame from top to bottom (or in this case where the camera is turned, from left to right or right to left). So as the slit is moving across the frame, the color of the lamp is changing.

    The way to get consistent results from lamps like this is to shoot at a multiple of the cycle frequency. Here in the US they cycle at 60 Hz, so you need to shoot at 1/60th, 1/30th, 1/15th, etc. to capture a full cycle or multiple full cycles. Shooting at a speed below the sync speed will get more consistent color across a single frame, but not between frames.
  3. "I shoot under pendaflour light..."​
    That's the source of your problem. Fluorescent lights are very inconsistent, which will show up as shot-to-shot variations in color temperature and even minor exposure differences.
    Try a more consistent lighting source. Shoot test photos under incandescent light or daylight and see if you can replicate the problem.
  4. Set your D700 to ISO 200 and find someplace in the sunshine to test your exposures. The 'Yellow-ish' band should be gone. [As noted above, the ceiling lights are giving off little waves of light, and your camera sensor is trying its best to record the existing *indoor* lighting.]
  5. "shutter 1/800" - but the light flickers at 60 Hz,
    it you must "not trust" Nikon, then shoot the same with shutter about 1/4 sec or slower to average or even out varying color produced by the lamp.
  6. Note also that this will happen with ANY DSLR (I'd assume with film as well) not just the D700.
  7. Thank you very much, I think I think it in wrong way start from the beginning...Never think from the basic knowledge...
    Many thanks of the explanation and now I am very clear of what happen now.
  8. Wow! I had the same result with my 5D during some wedding candids a few weeks ago. Yellow cast at one end of the frame. Thought my camera was failing. Thanks guys.
  9. It looks like there could be a window at the right side of the frame that is letting daylight in - daylight is of course a completely different colour balance from flourescent light.

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