Weird Canon P Image Leakiness

Discussion in 'Leica and Rangefinders' started by b_k|12, Nov 21, 2010.

  1. In many of the shots I've taken on my Canon P, there's a horizontal bar that shows up along the right or left side of the picture--it varies, but it never occurs on both sides in the same picture, and it occurs with different lenses. It sounds like it would just be a light leak, except that you can often see details of the adjacent shot imprinted in the horizontal bar.
    An example:
    I've scoured the internet for similar cases, but to no avail: what is going on here? Is this simply a light leak? Something more insidious? Or the kind of issue where one can simply bend a part here or put a piece of tape there to make it go away?
  2. I can't see your photos, but It sounds like the shutter curtains are not capping correctly. I had this happen with a Leica M3 (and MP). Basically what is happening is that when the second shutter closes, there is still a small gap between the first and second shutter. So it gathers light while you are waiting for the next exposure, or while you are advancing the film. The solution is a clean, lube and adjust on the shutter so that the lubricants can be replaced, the timings adjusted and the whole thing brought back to spec.
  3. Also, you don't want to leave the shutter half-cocked for any period of time. I rewound a roll of film on my Canon 7s with the shutter half-cocked, and got streaky fogging of the film. Even if the shutter caps correctly, it's still not that light-tight, and there's no mirror down to protect it. So when you flip from A to R (rewind), finish cocking the shutter before rewinding.
  4. Yup, your Canon will need a CLA, Benno.
    Here's what it looked like on my M3 :
  5. My Canon P is doing exactly the same thing but so far only with faster shutter speeds like 1/1000s. Sometimes the capping disappears by itself like with my Zorki-1 which was capping pretty badly when I got it but not any more after some use.

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