Weight of a Contax RTS-II Body

Discussion in 'Accessories' started by dave_cheng|1, Mar 7, 2006.

  1. Can anybody tell me the weight of a Contax RTS-II body? I won an
    auction of a RTS-II body on eBay. UPS tracking says shipping weight is
    1 lb. Is that possible? I own a RTS-I (the first generation RTS). The
    body alone is 1 lb 12 ounce. If it were shipped the package would be
    easily more than 2 lbs. How can a RTS-II have a shipping weight of
    only 1 lb?

    UPS tracking shows it was scheduled for delivery today. Well, no. UPS
    truck came and left with no delivery. The tracking shows an arrival
    scan at Hodgkins, Illinois on Feb 2. But there is no departure scan
    from there. I am in California and today is Feb. 7. This is wierd.

    So can any one who has a Contax RTS-2 tell me the weight of a RTS-2
    body? Thank you so much in advance for helping.
  2. Dear Dave,

    According to the RTSII manual it is 735 grams (about 1.6 pounds) without the battery.
  3. Dear Neal, thank you so much for your speedy reply. 1.6 lb is about right. My old RTS is of that weight too.

    I am wodering what has happened to the shipment of the RTS-2 to me. The UPS tracking shows UPS picked up the shipment from the seller. Does anyone know what would happen if the seller used a 1 lb shipping lable for a shipment that is actually 2 lbs? Tracking result shows the package has a shipping weight of 1 lb only. There is an arrival scan at Hodgkins, Illinois and nothing else beyond that for 5 days already.
  4. Sorry, the date of the arrival scan at Hodgkins is March 2, not Feb. 2. That's 5 days ago. Isn't it strange for a shipment to stay in a same place for 5 days and not moving anywhere?
  5. Dear Dave,

    You're welcome. There should be a scheduled delivery date for the package. It's not time to panic yet, but contacting UPS via their web site links wouldn't hurt (a note to the shipper is a good idea as well).
  6. Congratulations, Dave. Hope all goes well. If you haven't seen it already, I will attach a great resource site for Contax 35mm SLR cameras, specifications, accessories, and owner comments: http://www.cdegroot.com/photo-contax/ .

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