Weekly Post Processing Challenge 9th December 2017

Discussion in 'Digital Darkroom' started by Gerald Cafferty, Dec 8, 2017.

  1. Another weekly challenge.

    If anyone else would like to post next week please give it a go, upload a High resolution jpeg. Just indicate by Wednesday next in this thread if you are willing to try.

    Remember there are no rules you can do what you wish in your interpretation, please can you give information of the steps taken and software used to add interest.

    It is not meant as a competition just a bit of fun.

    West pier Whitby North Yorkshire.

  2. ppc-copy.jpg ppc-copy.jpg Wowzer, I'm the first! All work done in PSE15. First, I cropped from the left side to the left of the bird, resulting in a (nearly) square format. I made initial tonal adjustments using levels. Additional adjustments were made using both dodging and burning tools. Finally, I used the sponge tool to boost saturation in certain areas. ppc-copy.jpg ppc-copy.jpg ppc-copy.jpg ppc-copy.jpg ppc-copy.jpg ppc-copy.jpg ppc-copy.jpg ppc-copy.jpg ppc-copy.jpg ppc-copy.jpg ppc-copy.jpg ppc-copy.jpg ppc-copy.jpg ppc-copy.jpg ppc-copy.jpg ppc-copy.jpg ppc-copy.jpg
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  3. Ok, are you tired yet by looking at this crazy duplication? Apologies . . . I thought my touch pad wasn't responding so I clicked it multiple times.
  4. PSE 14, levels,adjust light, haze reduction, cropped, saturated slide film, sharpened, vignette added. pier-web.jpg
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  5. LR to crop, and adjust shadows / highlights. Color EfexPro 4 for Detail Extractor filter and add Tonal Contrast. 1487656_7f82877e6a6c2db9c08baa60bf96004a.jpg
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  6. I fear I over-embraced the sunset. Started in SNS-HDR to adjust the light, moved into 3dLut Creator to change colors, finally into Lightroom for a gradient. Oops, I forgot to straighten lighthouse. lighthousesunset.jpg
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  7. Sandy Vongries

    Sandy Vongries Moderator Staff Member

    Winner and all time Champeen - most dupes I've seen on PN! Nice Job, tho!
  8. It wasn't easy, Sandy!
  9. In PSCC, ACR filter: shadows slider to 100, vibrance and saturation at 20, used liquify to straighten the tower. some cropping on left side and bottom 1487656_7f82877e6a6c2db9c08baa60bf96004afix.jpg
  10. [​IMG]PN Processing Challeng 12-09-2017 by Ron Hyde, on Flickr

    Processed with DxO PhotoLab
    1:1 crop
    Parallax to get tower straight
    DxO Clearview at +50
    Highlights -80
    EV +.40
    Shadows +28
    Warmed slightly
    Vibrancy +42
  11. sjmurray, wow! Our interpretations were really close.
  12. David, your crop brings something new to the table, the lone person on the bridge.
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  13. I must admit, I didn't see that until after I'd made the crop. Still, I'll take it! ;-)
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  14. Thank you all for the response. Here's my attempt.
    In LR basic adjustments then straighten horizon (I'm thinking the lighthouse has a lean, at least in my world). A graduated selection of the sky to reduce exposure and push WB towards warm. A further selection along the top to push WB back towards cold. In HSL increase Orange & Yellow saturation to warm things up. With an adjustment brush lighten the left side of the lighthouse. Didn't want the people on the right but also not happy to crop to close to the lighthouse and railings. So opened in Elements to use the clone tool (explaining the fuzzy area), while on a roll with the clone tool took out a further two folks, two seagulls and what ever it was hanging below the bridge.

    PPC_9thDecember2017-FinalEdit.jpg .
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  15. Great job Gerald and thanks for a great image to work with this week.

    I was really torn about was the tower leaning, or not. I leveled the horizon first and that required less than one-degree of change, but it seemed like all the lights, including the one at the end of the pier, were leaning right and the tall tower just emphasized it, so I adjusted.

    Great color and light in your interpretation. I think yours is tops this week.
  16. Interesting issue of the leaning tower. Gerald, it does lean, correct? This is not some distortion the lens caused, I assume. If it actually does lean, it might still work better to straighten it for the sake of the photo. Then again, people familiar with this tower might be startled by its not seeming to lean in a photo. Interesting to consider different reactions based on familiarity with subject and best interest of photo.

    The people, I like ‘em. For me, they add character and texture to the scene. Totally understand getting rid of them, though, for those who prefer it that way.

    I congratulate and appreciate all who participate each week. The variety of interpretations is what makes these threads so interesting.
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  17. Arriving somewhat late. My approach was to first correct? the lighthouse lean, then crop, darken the sky, use NIK tonal contrast and finally added warmth in Photoshop CS5. ppc2.jpg
  18. Way more subtle attempt at sunset than my earlier version. Used SNS-HDR for overall lighting, Lightroom for cropping, adding +5 to horizontal perspective to emphasize Lighthouse more and for selecting the lighthouse top and adding a tad of light. In Photoshop used the paintbrush to select a bit of the orangish color and paint the bricks on a blank layer set to color mode. Hmmm...now I'm feeling like I cropped the bottom too much.
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  19. Better late than never:

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