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  1. Hello everyone, and thanks for tuning into Wednesday Whatzit for the first week of May, 2018. Today we bring to you a nice little kit of accessories that appear to have been made by (or for) Yashica, judging by the embossing on the leather case.

    Presumably, the kit is intended to allow the conversion of one of there cameras for some use other than its primary use, such as converting a 120mm TLR to allow the use of 35mm film. But, since it was part of a box of assorted camera gear that included no other Yashica gear, it's hard to say what it's intended purpose was.

    So, without further ado, let's open up the lines to our viewers, and see what they think it is. Check out the photos, and tell us what you think this kit's intended purpose is and, if possible, what camera it was intended for.

    Hint: the leather case is approximately 4.25 inches wide, or 158mm.
    Hint #2: the piece that says UP is spring-loaded. That is, the piece marked JAPAN can be pushed a short distance into the larger piece its attached to, but there is resistance.
    Yashica_Kit_20180501_171706-SM.jpg Yashica_Kit_20180501_171723-SM.jpg Yashica_Kit_20180501_171745-SM.jpg
  2. It's a 35mm adapter set for the Yashica 635 TLR (hence the 35 in the 635). It includes a viewfinder mask and spool adapters to hold the 35mm cartridge
  3. Thanks, Rick. I guess that was too easy.

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