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  1. Hi all! It seems that winter gave us a break last weekend... we were under the effects of the first strong anticyclone in 2009. Many citizens ran to the parks, outsides, etc. The lady at the photo looks to enjoy the sun over her face. I think this high pressure weather is currently starting to go down, I smell the depression...
    Taken with a D700 @ 200ISO, 14bit RAW, 105/2.5AiS wide open at 1/4000sec., all camera tricks off. I was just walking and stopped to take this pic. I needed to go fast, I`m convinced that people here strongly dislike to be shooted in this way.
    Please feel free to post your PiC oF ThE WeeK taKEn wITh Nikon gEAr...
  2. Nice shot José. No Spring sunshine here yet...
    We were out camping again in the mountains on Saturday. This is breakfast on Sunday morning, a toasted sandwich and fresh coffee.

    D300 & 70-300 VR. 1/80s, f/4.5, ISO 1000
  3. Actually, this picture was taken last week. My computer has failed me (for the first time) and have no more until I get it back from repair (IF I do get it back..)
  4. This is my first post in Photo Net. My name is Hideyuki Miya. My dad is a member here in Photo Net, Rene' Villela. I am a third grader, 9 years old. I just started taking pictures in December 2008.
    My dad gave me a Nikon D50 and now when we have time we go out to take pictures together. I think my dad has a problem with numbers because I asked for a D3. Maybe this year.
    From now on I will try to post a picture every week on this thread.
    This is a picture from last Sunday. Yoroshiku onegai shimasu (Thank you).
    Nikon D50 - AF 35 f/2 (hand held)
  5. I came across this anti war graffiti last week which made me smile.
    d80, 17-55mm @ 23mm, f2.8, 1/250s, iso200
  6. Last Saturday I was out with my Pronea S and 50mm 1.4 AF-S and found some clumps of wild snowdrops. It meant getting my clothes a bit muddy as I lay on the woodland floor, but no pain, no gain as they say. I used Fuji Nexia 400 film.
  7. D3? Yeah! Right!
    Now I even have to wait for the boy to post first! Does anyone wanna trade a D700 for a 3rd grader?
    Anyway, thank you for the opportunity of sharing pictures here together with my kid. It is a nice feeling. I also really enjoy it when he is around me taking pictures. If any of you have any young kids I recommend you try it too. I know Hamish does! I just hate it when he scares the birds away but he will learn.
    Anyway, this was taken at a hot air balloon festival in my city. They do it every year. Last year I shot during the day and this time at night.
    It was a difficult shot for me. I was trying to get the fireworks but to do that I had to over expose the balloons. I did what I could.
    JOSE... Your shots are always related with food! :)
    HAMISH... Finally a warm shot! :)
    PEDRO.... I love that shot!
  8. This is my third attempt at an HDR image - I usually try to capture my photos in one exposure but sometimes the dark to light contrast is too overbearing for latest technology and help from assorted lens filters. For this I bracked 3 exposures together.
  9. As usual, I envy you your life activities, Hamish. Your pics remind me older times.
    Pedro, nice place. I`m also with computer issues. I wish tomorrow I`ll write from the new laptop I`m waiting for...
  10. The weather is good, and living is easy. Tourists enjoy the the first warm sunrays, giving a nice contrast to the otherwise hectic daily routine. But beware - always keep one hand at your hand bag, cellphone and wallet.
  11. Whooops, many posts in a few moments!
    Hideyuki, you`re welcome. Glad to see you here. Very nice pic.
    Renè, to be sincere I was waiting to see any of your son`s work. That`s absolutely great. Congrats.
    ...and you`re right, you get it ...I`m a hopeless glutton.
  12. Hideyuki - my photo post will have to come later. I just wish to welcome you to I do believe you're our youngest member - at least in this forum. And I am thrilled to see you here. Your father is a wonderful addition to the forum & I imagine you will be as well. :)
    Guys - so far everything I see is great. Now I have to look for something I want to post. ;-)
    Lil :)
  13. OK Here is my submission . . . I reside near the mountains near Camp David, (where the President of the US goes on the weekends) in Frederick MD . . . I am a traveling salesman, and the sky was azure blue . . . so rather than going home I went into the city . . . No tripod :-( however I got this with a D700 (24-70 2.8) 1/30 ISO 6400 F 2.8 No PP except for a little sharpening . . . I went to take the picture and then realized the water reflection . . . I will go back to do this conception with better execution . . . PS I am in Eastern Time zone here in the US I am up @ 4:42 AM yipes
  14. Hi,
    a great start - love the balloons. Nothing more than a bit of blue sky over the Solway Firth looking from Silloth to Criffel in Scotland at the weekend. At least we're getting a little bit of sunshine now. Am getting a 24-70mm this weekend and am soooo looking forward to it. D80, 18-35mm, curves and hue/saturation in CS3.
  15. Welcome Hideyuki! Great to have such a young addition to WedNEsDAy PiC!! I see you have inherited your fathers talent. Great picture!
    René, what a great idea! And a nice shot of the balloons.

    Matthew, I love the effect! Nice pic!
  16. Cheers Hamish,
    Welcome again to young Hidiyuki!
    Ian Rance, beautiful light on those galanthus, such a stark contrast to the dryness currently griping S.E. Australia. Great standard and range of photogrpahy here on Wednesday Pic........most enjoyable......
  17. Good Morning! More beautiful work again this week. The birds are getting much more active here. I hope that means warmer weather is around the corner. After a lively discussion here this week about wildlife lenses, ending with the OP buying a premier lens that all of us who shoot wildlife would love to own, I offer this bird, taken with a D300 and my non-premier Nikkor 80-400 mm VR, at f5.6, 1/1000 sec, iso 400, +0.3ev, 370 mm, with a tripod.
    Have a grand day!
  18. Welcome Hideyuki - great picture! Did you go for a ride?
  19. General Motors World Headquarters here in the (still - holding on by our fingernails) Motor City.
    D300, 12-24mm Nikkor @ 24mm, f/8. Photomatix.
  20. Winter still going strong
  21. Jose - I envy your for the look of the warm weather! I'm afraid that is not the case here.
    Hideyuki - welcome! Wonderful pic of the hot air ballons. I look forward to seeing many more from you. Oh, and keep trying for that D3...who knows?
    Rene - The price of the D3 is down to $4400 USD at B&H, so.....(just trying to help you out Hideyuki!)...but wonderful shot of the fireworks and the hot air ballons. I always admire those types of shots but they are rarely executed as well as that.
    Hamish - nice scene to mix it up a bit.
    Pedro - that is an amazing shot!
    Richard - beautiful bird
    Now for my contribution. Nothing much spectacular but someone had to document some of the record snowfall we've been getting. Taken Monday morning after the most recent snowstorm that dumped 29 inches in some areas and left 150,000 people w/out power.
    This is our normally bustling Main Street now a Winter Wonderland after everything is weighted down with heavy snow.
    Great shots everyone! and have a great week!
  22. Kent - beautiful shot!
  23. Great pictures, everyone!
    René: Thanks. Yours isn't too bad either! ;)
    José: It's my hometown city hall. If you ever come to Portugal, come and see Aveiro. It's a city 250 km north of Lisbon and 80 km south from Porto (you know Porto's famous wine, right? ;)) People call it Portugal's Venice because it's surrounded by canals.
    My computer is currently on diagnostic. First opinion from the "doctor" was dead motherboard and graphics card and on a laptop that is almost a death certificate for sure, but I'm really hoping I don't have to buy a new one, like you =) If I do, I'm gonna have to wait for a while and decide between a Mac or a PC..
  24. Some beautiful shots here again...
    Welcome Hideyuki.
    Come on Rene', give the guy what he wants....
  25. Haven't had much chance processing images from my recent shoots
    Nikon D300, 80-400 at 400, f5/6, 1/1250s, ISO 720

  26. Thank you Matthew. Some lovely shots this week I agree.
    Rene - love the colours.
    Kent - that is a stunning photo, and would make a great poster.
    Richard - lovely photo there. A 80-400 is in my future I hope.
    Svenja - nice colours and I can feel the warmth.
  27. Our daughter at the mall. Much to look at for a two year old :)
  28. Dieter, great example of what can be achieved with the "slow" 80-400.

    Hideyuki, dozo yoroshiku.
  29. Hideyuki,
    Nice exposure. Looks like a fun event.
    My daughter got me interested in photography when she took a class for B&W, and I really enjoyed going out to shoot with her. She is off to college now, but she still goes out to shoot when she visits.
    Here is a recent photo from a hike in the woods behind my house - I finally found this barred owl's hidey perch in a sycamore tree, so maybe I will set up a blind there soon.
  30. JOSE... Well, I just let him do us he wants. Last Sunday he got so excited about his pictures and he asked me how to put them on the wab so i told him he could post them on the WeDNesDay pic. He has been waiting since then. Now he is all excited reading next to me. Are you having problems with your Mac? Anyway we can help?
    LIL.... Thank you for such kind words!
    ED... That's really nice! I wanna see the results next time.
    HAMISH... Thank you! What idea are you talking about?
    RICHARD... Cool bird! Was he looking for food?
    KENT... Great shot!
    GABE.... What's wrong with you? Don't do me any favors please! lol Thank you! That was a lucky shot! Well, I took like 100 and maybe just 3 are acceptable. It was hard. Can any one teach me an easier way? bracketing maybe?
    DIETER... WOW! That's really nice! What bird is it?
    IAN... Thanks! where is your shot?
    Nice work everyone! Cheers!
  31. thank you to all of you for such a warm welcome. i will try to learn as fast as i can and hopefully one day i will be able to take beautiful pictures as all those posted here. now i have to go to bed. goog night and thank you.
  32. Jose, I cussed you out on another thread, jokingly of course, for making me leave the warmth of the hearth to go out and find a pic worthy of this august company. You have really stimulated my desire to make pictures. For that I thank you. It was pouring Sunday when the Connecticut survivors held their ceremony of remembrance for those who fell on Iwo Jima in those terrible times. I caught this private moment before the ceremony and can only guess at the images and emotions that must have flashed through his mind. On a lighter note one of the vets asked me, "How ya doing, Sonny." For a creaky boned almost 70 year old, it felt good to hear.
  33. Haven't really participated in this thread much but I must say that there are some remarkable pictures posted here each and every week. My hats off to the regular posters who each and every week remind me of how much room for improvement I have in my photographic skills. And to you Hideyuki, your ballon photo is GREAT!
    Took this shot of an old friend as the morning sun poured through a piece of beveled glass in my front door. The lens seemed to appreciate the refracted light.
    D3 ISO 200 10.s @ f16 Sigma 105 f/2.8
  34. jfz


    Wow.... great shots, folks!
    Took this one at the dressed rehearsal of a middle school musical --- Peter Pan. The little pirate messed up his line. the kids are amazing, so is the camera --- D700, 70-20mm, @f/2.8, 1/400"
  35. [​IMG]
    My little angel - 50mm f/1.8 @ 1/30s - love the 50mm lens, just wait til I get my f/1.4G
  36. Some great shots this week.
    Welcome Hidyuki looks like you don't even need a D3...but if Rene' has a pile of spare cameras that he is looking to give away I'll settle for a D300.
    Kent nice shot of GM I'm hoping for the best for them and for us (US?)
    My shot is a 1927 tractor that looks like it has done it's job and is retiring like everybody else in Florida.Looks like mother nature is taking it back.
    The old timer who owns it was a bit worried when he saw me out by it.Seems like some kids were stealing parts off of it.They took the gas tank off of it but left it behind when they realized that it had a hole in it.
    I reassured him that the only thing that I wanted to take were pictures. :^)
  37. Did I write D700 under my shot? SORRY! D300!
    Mac users... The new Safari 4 Beta rocks! It's up for download now! I installed it this morning and I love it already!
  38. Female Mallard, Descanso Gardens, La Canada, CA. D200 with Nikon 300/2.8, Tamron 2x teleconverter, effective focal length 900mm, 1/125s, f/5.6, ISO 400, matrix metered.
  39. Rene' - I have entered this weeks photo - it is posting No.6. I never used to like Wednesdays very much, but now I look forward to them!
  40. An afternoon at the museum with my trusty 50/1.8
  41. This week my submission is starring my boxer boy Rocky.
    D60 w/ 50mm F/1.4G
    1/60s F/6.3 ISO 100
  42. Peacock trying to attract a peahen at the local zoo. D90 18-105mm @ 105mm 1/30s f/5.6 VR.
  43. sunset,
  44. Wow, some really incredible shots here....
    Kent, your GM shot just pops out of my monitor...excellent!
    Hamish, I like your fire very much, what's in the pot?
    Hideyuki...welcome! Beautiful balloons!
    Rene', wonderful combo of the balloons and fireworks! And thanks for the heads up about Safari!
    Matthew, nice POV for that shot and an encouragement to try bracketing.
    Dieter, nice shot and a testament to persistence with the 80-400!
    Doug, very nice focus on that duck!
    What a great Wednesday!
    Thanks, Jose!
  45. Wood burning Iron
    D200; 60 Micro; f8
  46. Great pictures everyone. I have a boring submission this week. I just bought a 70 - 300 VR and was out on the back porch trying out the one slightly warm day we had in the last 2 months.
    D80 - ISO 100, 70 - 300 VR, 165mm, 1/160 @ f8, VR on.
  47. Dawn breaks over Marblehead
    D70 18mm 1/60th f/6.3
  48. Standard Beach Shot
  49. Kent . . . Nice GM shot. They need to burn the midnight oil.
  50. A rural junk yard in Western Kentucky.
    This isn't a recent shot, I have an explanation so I hope that it is OK.
    I have been down in the back for a few weeks now so I haven't picked up a camera to go out and shoot. What is good about it I have been watching a bunch of video's on YouTube about my Nikon D90 so I can learn more.
    This was taken with my Nikon D40 which has been since replaced.
    The WedNEsDAy forum on pics as well as all of the info I get for free off of here has inspired me to join up for a year. I hate not contributing to such a wonderful place for sharing and learning like this.
    phil b
    benton, ky
  51. To Rene (and Pedro): nothing bad with my iMac, I`m so satisfied... I have settled this big wonder at home. Then, I have asked for a MacBook to replace my work`s damaged laptop PC, and I hope I will receive it tomorrow... :D (I asked for the smallest aluminum one -not the MacBook Air that looks great but too much minimalist to me-).
    Bernie, thanks. I`m pleased.
  52. Nice shots all. Here is what spring looks like in centeral Texas.
    Nikon D300, Sigma 150 f2.8 shot at f10 and 1/13 sec, ISO 200. Levels adjusted in Photoshop Elements to increase contrast slightly.
  53. Nice shots all. Here is what spring looks like in centeral Texas.
    Nikon D300, Sigma 150 f2.8 shot at f10 and 1/13 sec, ISO 200. Levels adjusted in Photoshop Elements to increase contrast slightly.
  54. Rene' - it's a Western Scrub Jay
    Raden, Richard - 80-400: it's a lucky shot with that lens. There is a guy on flickr ( ) who has photographed 339 (N.American) species of birds- in-flight; if I am not mistaken, he uses the Canon 400/5.6. It is really too bad that Nikon does not have a similar lens - or any fast-focusing and hand-holdable telephoto lens for that matter. Jody Melanson, who occasionally posts here on PN, uses the same lens for his small bird-in-flight shots.
  55. Boring cat pic. Just testing the limits of my D2H at maximum ISO (6400 or "Hi-2"). After running it through Noise Ninja the color version wasn't bad, but the gray scale conversion works better for the D2H above 1600. Fairly sharp considering the amount of noise reduction needed and shooting handheld at 1/15 sec, f/2.8.
  56. Just playing with last available natural light of the day on a Sunday afternoon. It's been a long and dark winter here in Finland, so now that we're again on our way towards the spring and light, my hand seems to wander towards my D80 more and more often, trying to take advantage of the natural light every chance I get...
  57. Great tread like always.
    Sparkly morning frost on car windshield.
  58. At the Mt.Rainier National Park Inn at Longmire, WA


    D700 + Tamron 17-35mm at 17mm
  59. Great pictures, everyone , don't know wichone I like more. 歓迎 Welcome Hideyuki, nice shot ..., glad you join us.
    Winter is here again...
  60. I don't know how to center the caption at the bottom. This forum deletes the <center> tag despite it looking centered in the preview. Also does not allow using Space to manually center it. What is the secret?
  61. i always love the feeling of a big bird coming straight at me, rapidly filling the viewfinder, while trying to mental keep focus, as well as the other kind. i know this spot pretty well, so as i came down the hill, all i had to do was wait for the inevitable explosion of movement, and start firing away!
  62. This WedNEsDAy PiC thread is growing in popularity week by week, great stuff.
    An old Merseyside Transport ticket booth located near the Pier Head, Liverpool.
  63. Well - I can't get it below 100k in size as required. Guess I'll try again another time.
  64. City Hall in Pacific Grove, CA. D50, Sigma 10-20 mm, 1/200 sec @ f/7.1, ISO 200, 14 mm.
  65. Here is mine,
    HDR with 12-24 Tokina, ISO 200 5 exposuresp Photomatix, and a d80.
    It is the Mission San Diego de Alcalá, i San Diego.

    The 1st of the great missions.
  66. Yesterday on my deck. D300, Nikon 70-200mm F2.8 ... Ray.
  67. Great shots everyone...
    Dieter - is that a Scrub Jay in flight? WOW they're fast. Excellent. I know it's a Jay of some form - - well done.
    So many great shots it's really hard to pick some tops but I guess Dieter's Jay, the boxer - -I just have to as I love them... Sweet shot Kevin & definately a boxer "look". So to add....
    Hamish - wonderful as always
    Hideyuki- beautiful first entry - well done with lovely colors & framing
    Ian - Spring has arrived - beautiful
    Matthew - lovely HDR
    Lex - just pp'ed beautifully
    Waldemar - just super neat, something animated over it...
    Dave - perfect now I have proof it snows in WA & my husband can't tell me it doesn't. :-D
    Paul - interesting effect....
    William - it looks like they're coming to get you
    Gary - beautifully done.....
    My entry for this week is of a nostalgic nature. I have really no memmories of Mute Swans since I left Sweden. That was in 1981. I miss them - evil as they can be. They are graceful, elegant white beauties I've always loved. I have a thing for swans.... But, living in L.A. swans are a rare sight. Extremely so..... Last Thursday I was traveling with a lady from another board from one location to the next when I happened to see this Mute Swan. I didn't stop as I was not sure how she'd feel about it but traveled on to our next location which proved to be somewhat "dead". So as we separated I traveled back with hope I'd find the swan yet again.... I was in luck - it was there.....
    There is something sad, yet beautiful, to see a lone swan. As an adult - a lone swan means its mate has passed away........ (at least that's what I've been taught). It will remain alone for the rest of its life - loyal to its mate. There is something so beautiful - yet so sad in that......
    Here is the color version (all also convereted to B&W through NX2 on my site) of a humble Mute Swan which now is something rather exotic for me.... Shot with the D300, 300mm AF-S f/4 EXIFs embedded...
  68. wow...another inspiring montage of impressive images. it's only 11:30 am in california and already this thread has produced so many submissions of great Nikon shots. anyway, here's mine, of the Fox Theater marquee. the venue recently reopened and is expected to provide a much-needed push to Oakland's downtown renaissance.
  69. You are always kind Lil, and your picture is beautifull as usual...
  70. Kent: Great shot of the Ren Cen! Where did you take it from?
  71. Great Pictures everyone and in particular Kent - that is a fantastic picture. Welcome Hideyuki Miya. I must say everyone is so pleasant and helpful here. This was taken on Sunday at the Horniman Gardens here in South London where we are waiting for Spring.
    D80, Tokina 12-24mm, 15mm, f/11, iso 250, a little work in Picasa.
  72. Thanks for the compliments. I know not everyone likes this hyper-real (or unreal) look, but it's fun for me.
    Nathan, I took the picture Monday evening from the 25th floor balcony of the 150 West Jefferson Building (corner of Jefferson and Griswold), where I work.
  73. Getting ready for spring (well, its already here) and fooling around with BW conversion from digital (not sure it really has the richness of the real thing, but it may be I just failed to read the lighting right, I haven't "seen" in BW in a very long time, only color...)
  74. Wind park.
  75. Wow, some really great work. Now, I will be posting soon, but I need some clarification. This thread is for pictures taken on a Wednesday or between Wednesdays?
  76. Just OUTSTANDING pics from Everyone. Unbelievable stuff. My entry was snapped on Sunday and processed yesterday. I am just lovin' the new camera.
  77. Shot in the Bronx. Ash Wednesday Service by Msgr. Traynor.
    D300 ISO 800 1/60 with Sigma 18 - 50 f/2.8
  78. Hey folks, long time reader of WedNEsDAy PiC, first time poster in WedNEsDAy PiC
    This is a shot of a cherry tree in the local botanical garden. Los Angeles is getting a taste of Spring!
  79. So many great photos! I'm amazed every week.
    Here's something from the stables.
  80. Here in central Arkansas, we are now convinced that Spring is just around the corner; and this past weekend was a lovely example of it. Clear crisp air, a nearly cloudless sky and lots of folks emerging from their winter reveries to enjoy the scenery.

    The picture is of two wooden pylons lashed tightly together by rusted metal wire, I was drawn to it.....perhaps as a metaphor for intrepid determination in the face of advancing age, not sure.

    Taken with a D60 @ ISO200, f4.8, 1/200s, 55-200 f/4-5.6G ED @110mm

    I played with desaturating this in PS (the wood and metal seemed to scream B&W to me); but, in the end liked the colorized version best.
  81. Hello All. I got an orchid on Monday. We will see how long I can keep it alive. Great pictures everyone.
  82. Wow. Such great pics everyone! As usual I don't have a lot of free time during daylight hours. And those that I do have free, I spend with this young girl, so naturally, here's another picture of Opal!
  83. just learning to play with my new sb900 and manfrotto tripod with giotto head. learning manual flash control, but it's really hard. results really pay to my eyes.
  84. ...This might be a little dramatic.
  85. got interrupted and forgot to set at 700 wide. anyways, nikon d90 with stuff, 25 mm on the 18-105 VR, 1/320s at 7.1, which was -2.0EV on spot metering.sb900, forgot what output.
  86. I am still learning teh internets. I know its a series of tubes... maybe I can make a picture come out of them!
  87. hmm. i'm having trouble uploading for some reason.
  88. Wind-surfer at Hyalite Lake this weekend.
  89. Jose Rivera - some form of Nikon equipment - camera body or lens - in between Wednesdays, but as Lex has written before.... due to the fact that some people shoot film some overlap in time is allowed for developing the film etc. Only one shot - tell us with equipment - any subject you wish.
    As I look over the thread yet again I see even more great shots. These threads are wonderful & I think they brighten up everyones Wednesdays - at least I know they do mine.
    Great work everyone & thanks for your kind words Paul.
    Lil :)
  90. Niagara Falls Today, D300, 18-70, f16, 1/50.[​IMG]
  91. Hello Hideyuki, I see the walnut doesn't fall far from the nut tree! Photo talent is a family business I see. I wish you so many wonderful exposures and journey's in your life.
    This one is of my friend Martha, last weekend.
  92. Hi everyone - such great shots!
    I've been lurking around PNet for quite some time now but have only started posting recently. I really enjoy this particular thread as it offers a quick glance at what others doing 'at the moment' and it's a great chance to strut your stuff in a popular thread too! ;)-
    Lot's of wintery stuff above which is nice, but wow I wish it would stop snowing here in Atlantic Canada....48 cm (19") fell here in Fredericton the other day...oh well....if ya can't beat 'em...
    I shot this though my front window and used Elements to convert to B&W, adjust levels, and added a "fresco" filter.
  93. Glad to hear from Lil Judd that film shooters are welcome here, too. So here's my rough and raw contribution:
    A statue in one of the courts of the Louvre, it's private parts modestly clad with cloth-like marble. Photo taken on Fujifilm Neopan 1600 with a F6 and an unmentionable Tamron zoom (but here the lack of sharpness works, I think). More pictures from a week in Paris are here.
  94. Great shots always everyone! And a nine-year old!
    Trying a long exprosure. Nothing new, fun anyway, at least to me :). Everything is blur. Ah, tripod.
  95. this one is from today. if there is no picture, please delete.
  96. one more time from safari now.
  97. Thank you for the opportunity, again! I am learning a lot from all the great photos and posters. I have been a member for almost a year now and I am having fun.
    The following photo was taken last Saturday. It is one of the photos that I have been taking in an attempt to learning how to shoot on a manual mode.
    Taken by D80 with Nikkor 17-55 mm/f2.8 lens with SB800 with a bouncer- 1/100sec at 55mm f7.1 with ISO 1600 in a fairly lit apartment.
    Any criticism is welcome.
    Looking forward to WedNEsDAy PiC...
  98. Great Photo's
    I find I am looking forward to Wednesdays now, how odd. This was taken at Illuminate Yaletown on a D90, F3.5 at 3200 Iso.
  99. Sorry user problems, here is my image
  100. well it is still wednesday here in Alberta and we have broken 100 posts on this link this one was taken with a coolpix Temp in the -20C range after getting yet another dump of Snow this one is clearing the drive yet it seems to pale when looking at other people's work whish look great.keep it up.
  101. Nice picture Rene....... and everybody else :)
    These are American Avocets mating, as Black-necked Stilts look away [Gilbert, Arizona] today
    2009-02-25-riparian-avocets-99270.psd - Nikon D300
    2009-02-25 08:22:14 - (lens: 300mm f/4 AF-S)
    1/2000s f /5.6 - ISO-200 - 300mm (x1.5=450mm )
    Exp: Aper AE.Multi-segment. -1 step. (Flash:Yes)
    AdobeRGB - NEF(raw) - 16 MB - Daylight/5500K
    Size: 2948x1965 pixels - 47% crop
    Orig: 4288x2848 pixels - Res: 240x240dpi
  102. Here's a photo of some old friends!
    D700, 24-70 f/2.8G at 70mm, ISO 200, Daylight WB
    Manual Exposure: 1/60 @ f/14. The Sekonic flash meter reading (1/60 @ f/16) looked a little dark so I opened up 1/3 stop.
    Compact mono light kit with small umbrellas. If I'd had more powerful lights on hand I would have shot at f/22 for extra DOF.
  103. oooh nice... old friends.... i think the lenses should be exposed though. nice composition :)
  104. Boy, these posts are filling up faster and faster. I did this product shot last week for a rustic furniture in Los Angeles. Hand carved bear and fish, it's really big, about 30" long. I wanted to include something to show the scale, but the client thought it would detract from the bear.
  105. I have got to calibrate my monitor, it was too green, now it's too purple. What a pain.
  106. still using " old faithful" Nikon D2X
    God i love this camera !!!
  107. Dangit. Day late and a dollar short. Got too busy at work yesterday and forgot all about my favorite forum day.
  108. Robert; great shot, how long does one have to wait to get a shot like that? :) I would never have the patience for bird photography.
    Ray, nice composition and colours.
    Nick, that's beautiful! I'd really like to visit Niagara in the winter some day.
  109. This is the best Wednesday yet. Thanks everybody!
  110. try it one more time
  111. Ilkka, it takes too long if you don't have the patience, and a lot less time if there are other birds flying in and out
    - New Birds -
    That has a better sequence, in the last section from 2009-02-24 of Mating Stilts, I have seen the behavior several times but they aren't always in the best spot for photo
    The bigger issue than patience (which i can provide) is focal length, this was with 300mm and cropped, but it's 500mm + 1.4X that is the proper focal length to use [with autofocus].
  112. to Dan Sutton
    It was worth the effort
  113. thanks a lot. i'm really enjoying my sb900. i'm currently working towards a couple sb600s and some stands to flush out the lighting kit. but yeah, that one really clicked for me. glad you enjoyed it.
  114. Thanks Ilkka, The Falls is my favorite subject since I moved to Niagara last year.
    And thanks everybody, nice shots.
  115. I've enjoyed the WedNEsDAy threads for a while but never posted. It's pretty intimidating with all the fantastics photos that show up here. I decided to give it a whirl this week.
  116. Wade, don't let it get intimidating, get some ideas for improving your photos....... and experiment
  117. Richard, thank you. At the time of my shot there was only water in the pot, but soon to be coffee :). I love your bird btw. Everything about it is good. I particularly like the complimentary color tones.
    René, your idea that I was talking about was getting our children to publish their photos too.
    Kent, I love your shot. It's like something from a science-fiction.
    Gabe, thank you. Nice snowy scene. I see I am not the only one getting buried by the stuff.
    Dieter, that is an amazing shot!
    Jim, I love the tiger. I'm guessing there were some bars between the two of you ;-).
    Lil, thanks! I haven't been able to see your shot yet. The picture doesn't show in my browser just now. I tried copying the url from it, but then I got a message saying 'zenfolio is offline, but will be right back'. I'm looking forward to seeing it :)
    Randi Kayle, I love that shot. Great HDR effect!!
    And everyone else, great work. Thanks again to Jose for starting the best thread of the week! :)
  118. Thank you, Hamish! I'll bet the coffee was marvelous:)
  119. The Wednesday thread gets better every week. Good work, everyone!
    Some standouts -
    - Kent Shafer, GM HQ (great color and perfect verticals!)
    - John Conway, Hassy 501 (classic!)
    - jf zhang, play (fun!)
    - Doug Santo, duck (detailed!)
    - Dan Brown, iron (smokin'!)
    - Gary McGhee, Liverpool ticket booth (timeless! my fave this week)
    - B READ, the guy in the mirror (intense!)
  120. Hamish - that's OK, Zenfolio have scheduled stuff now & then. it's just a Mute Swan - so nothing special to you. But here they're not supposed to be so very rare & special in the los Angeles area...
    Everybody - great thread of photos this week
    Lil :)
  121. Gary McGhee, Leave it to the Brits to turn a stupid ticket booth into a Roycean work of art. Gadzooks! It's Sunday already and I don't have my WedNEsDAy Pic#10 done yet. Oh, the pressure. Maybe the big snow storm tonight...

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