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  1. During a highway driving break. The expresso was surprisingly good. I liked the light, even I prefered to keep the wrong white balance.
    D700 @ 200ISO, 14bit RAW, 35/1.4AiS, f1.4 - 1/250sec., matrix +0.7EV, all camera tricks off. Probably at the closest focus distance.
    I took this lens just for fun; I used to like it very much, specially its inherent "drawbacks". I`d say it`s very soft and vignettes noticeably when used wide open, just in the way I like it. I shot about ten pics to get this image, from super sharp at f5.6 to this one, and prefer this softest look. I disliked unsharp masking here too, there is just a bit applied only at the engraving area. Sadly, I`m seeing that, as usual, donwsizing to the standard 700 size the image loose charm.
    Please feel free to post your PiC taken with anything with a "Nikon" logo on it.
  2. A nice setup Jose - and a great photo.
    Here is a photo I took last weekend at St Albans. There is always something new to see there and on this occasion some inscence had been lit. Along with the lovely smell, the smoke made these rays from the window and there was a very peaceful feeling there on that day.
    I used my F100 and 50mm f1.4 AF-S at f4. Kodak 200 ASA negative film.
  3. Taken while out on a long cross-country skiing trip with my wife and son on Sunday. The weather and the view were just fantastic. D300, 18-135mm, ISO 200, f/4, 1/800s.
  4. Hey Hamish, what an incredible place. I love skiing. Ian, nice pic yours, too.
  5. On Sunday we had 0 snow and now we have a meter!
    I just took this shot on my way home. I am not any good with B&W but I was in the mood for it. This is the entrance to my local shrine, Uonuma Shrine.
    D300 - tokina 11-16 f/2.8G @ 11 mm
  6. jvf


    Dawn today at 07:00 -8 C.
    The strait between Denmark and Sweeden
  7. Back Sea coast in January
  8. José, I also love to ski and this place is wonderful for skiing. Every year, when the weather gets good enough, they groom about 50km of cross-country ski tracks over the mountains and down in the valley. The mountains in the distance are on the Swedish border. This weekend the weather was so perfect! Usually the wind blows so hard here, just above the tree line, that you can almost not stand up, but this particular day there was only a slight breeze, and the temperature was around -10 C. It was fantastic.

    I love the color tones in your pic btw. Very nice, as usual.
  9. Southern Victoria in Australia is still on fire - amid the horror of many human lives lost and homes destroyed and forests burned to ash, the evening light was bliss..........
  10. Good Morning! Some more beautiful work here so far! Your Winter scene is stunning, Hamish! The weather is beginning to warm here in Michigan's upper peninsula. But, it is still very much Winter and we have blizzard warnings today. The creek that I like so much is beginning to melt. This shot is at sunrise with a D300, Nikkor 18-200 mm VR zoom, f10, 1/50 sec, iso 400, 55 mm, handheld...
  11. The lens has a Nikon Logo on it.
  12. jfz


    Taken on Sunday at the reenactment of the Continental Army. This gentalman was demonstrating how to shoot a musget. D700, 70-200mm, @ F3.2, 1/4000", ISO 250.
  13. playing around with 2 flashes; One behind the model(my wife) and the other one on camera.
    D80 in manual BW mode with green filter sim, 1/40th f5.6 SB 28 in M 1/64 on camera and a sb800 in SU4 mode M on 1/16 +1/3 on the floor behind her blasting at the wall to kill the flash shadow on the wall.
    The look on her face is the one that she gives me mostley when I ask her to pose for a shot ...
  14. I'm excited about my new 118 megapixel camera - anno 1937 or so. Shot with a two sb24s, pocket wizards, a d70s and 55/3.5 macro.
  15. Gooolee! Some great shots this morning. Erwin, you've got to start paying your models more. You obviously have a labor problem here. My offering is a pic motivated by a post about Pics That Got Away. You can see that this photo op won't be around much longer.
  16. Taken with my D200.
  17. Northern Mockingbird. Eaton Canyon, Pasadena, CA. D200 with Nikon 300/2.8, Tamron 2x tele, effective focal length 900mm, 1/500s, f/5.6, ISO 200, spot metered.
  18. USS North Carolina. Are you a fellow Wilmingtonian or just visiting? I too snapped a couple quick shots of the battleship from across the river last weekend while testing out my new to me 105 f2.5.
    BTW All of the winter themed photos are very nice and so is the civil war shot.
  19. I was just visiting and had to go on the ship. It's the first time for me on a war ship and with a tour of the ship I'll never forget.
  20. Antenna
    D200; ISO 640; 300/4AF-S; TC-17e; 1/2000s; f6.7; Bogen 3021
  21. Reflection off the hood of my car, taken last Saturday.
  22. Good morning all - great shots this week, nice winter landscapes and I especially like the civil war shot. Ian - your's of the late afternoon sun rays is great too. Makes me feel like I am there.
    This week's shot was taken yesterday, cloudy day due to the incoming foot of snow blizzard (at least it hasn't snowed in a week) I liked the look of the lonely cabin sitting back nestled into the woods.
    Have a great week everyone!
  23. [​IMG]
    D90 w/ Nikkor 18-200mm, ISO200, f/4.2 @ 1/5s
  24. Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada at sunset. – 17C (0F) Drifting water cloud in the air partially covers sun. Inside of the building people without NAS blowing theirs savings away.
  25. Hi,
    great photos everybody. This thread has inspired me to go out each week looking for stuff to contribute - thanks for that as too often in the UK in Jan/Feb it is too easy to open the curtains, look at the grey stuff outside and keep the camera in the bag for another day......
    I know that this photo will bend the rules a bit, but I did participate in the setup, the photo is of me and was taken on a Nikon D100. Unfortunately the software used to process it in the opticians lab (Vision Express if anyone here in the UK is interested) has stripped out all the useful EXIF stuff that folks may be interested in and I used CS2 to reduce the size down for this thread. So different - being on the other side of the lens - boy was the flash bright straight in the old peepers!
    I was so thrilled by this, I've got one of the other eye as well. Next week, who knows........
  26. Great photos everyone! The retina is a little creepy but very cool.
    Wish I could tell you the name of this flower because I found it very tricky to shoot with the minimal depth of field that micro shooting allows. Originally taken vertically but I like it better like this.
    To think, I used to hate Wednesdays :)
  27. WOW - wonderful shots so far. :)
    Hamish - wonderful shot. Brings me back to my childhood for sure. In which of the countries are you?
    Rene' - love the shot - beautiful
    Jens - thanks for bringing me home as well...
    Matthew - beautiful shot - my thoughts are with you all. I have too many friends in Aussie land now...
    Dan - like the shot
    jf zhang - like the pp-ing on the reenactment shot.
    Pete - congratulations on your new toy. :)
    Doug - nice Mocker....
    Gabe - lovely winter scene
    Great selection so far. I still have to upload something from the other gray day - that's all I've got from within the last week. The week before - lots of sun... But I've still not pp'ed too many of those & it's a week too late.
    I'll be back...
    Lil :)
  28. acm


  29. acm


    A shot of the headlight of my car, Nikon D40x/Nikkor 18-200 VR. Processed on Capture NX and converted to sepia in Picasa 3. ISO100, 1/125 s at f/6.3
  30. D2H, 85/2 AI-S, ISO 200, 1/320 @ f/8.
  31. D60 50mm/1.8D
  32. [​IMG]
    D300 17-55
  33. Great Blue Heron, Gilbert, Arizona - 5 days ago (Click for bigger size, and for even bigger size click on BIG checkbox once on the page)
    2009-02-13-riparian-herons-94218sp.psd - Nikon D300
    2009-02-13 17:48:29 - (lens: 300mm f/2.8 AF-S)
    1/2000s f/4 - ISO-200 - 300mm (x1.5=450mm )
    Exp: Aper AE.Multi-segment. -2 step. (Flash:Yes)
    AdobeRGB - NEF(raw) - 9 MB - Daylight/5500K
    Size: 3608x906 pixels - 27%(71%) crop
    Orig: 4288x2848 pixels - Res: 240x240dpi
    It was the last sun rays shining on the pond... further parts of the pond. Closeby it was shade already, the birds in the water didn't get any light on them at all. And then the Great Blue Heron came. I used 300mm f/4 for many days (in a row) before this day [and i lost many shots due to the AF slowness of that lens], and i don't know if i would have gotten this shot with that lens (the one i used for this shot was f/2.8) and especially with the 1.4X teleconverter on f/4 lens i would have missed it. And the light was just so good...
  34. [​IMG] D200 28-105mm F3.4-4.5 52mm f4.1
  35. Lex - you posted a shot. :) first time I've seen one from you that I can recall - - but then the headache is setting in now....
    Nice series of shots again this week.
    Robert - beautiful shot of the GBH in flight
    Alan - beautiful winter landscape
  36. here's a shot from last night...
  37. With all the pictures of new snow, I went out this morning before work to shoot the flowers beginning to bloom in my gardens. But I was more struck by the early-morning light bringing out the warmth of the old leaves, new sprouts, and a couple of ... busy pill-bugs. Spring shows itself in many ways I guess. [D300, 18-200VR. 200mm, ISO 400, f5.6, 1/10 sec.]
  38. yes that early-morning light....... you never know what you will find with early-morning light
  39. From the Mule & Draft Association's driver contest at the winter fair this weekend.
    The lighting in the arena is really poor, making it tough to get a sharp photo. They have BOTH flourescent and tungsten lights (whcih makes WB a pain), and its not very bright, the best I could get was 100-125th of a second at 1600 ISO. Probably 1/15 photos I took were acceptabley sharp, even with a monopod.
  40. Lovely shot Keith,
    I'm a horse lover - what can I say....
    OK - my humble entry for this week is taken with the D700 (we're making friends) with the 300mm AF-s F/4 & my Kenko 1.4 TC.
    I'm blessed with a lot of Goldfinches of both the Lesser & American kind right now - probably partially due to the fires which means their normal hangouts are without food.
    I'm hoping this American Goldfinch male will stick around until he's in full color. Right now I'm learning the D700 & the weather has been sad for us. I'm also working on getting closer to them & I seem to be gaining their trust. Cloudy/rainy day unfortunately....
    EXIFs embedded as always...
  41. My son at the kitchen table, losing patience with dad; who's playing with his new (used) D70.
    f5, 1/60th, 18-70mm kit lens, SB-400 bounced flash
  42. West coast of Reposaari, near Pori in western Finland.
  43. Beautiful Goldfinch, Lil!
  44. Robert, you photo doesn't load.
  45. Thank you, Lil. Your goldfinch is absolutely stunning! Enjoying that D700? What's not to love? Although for your shooting, do you find it somewhat limiting not having the crop factor that is, till you get used to it?
  46. Thank you Richard - lets just hope they stick around till full summer plumage. I'd love that...
    Thank you Gabe - glad you like my little guy. Yes I am enjoying the D700. I would have entered the ISO 6400 Rock Wren I shot last Wednesday - but that should have gone into last weeks thread - so look for it on my site. It's amazing even without any NR & even at 50%.
    I am truely surprised at the quality of this camera. I used one of the shots from this day & did a 100% crop of this male in another shot. It's chocking the amount of detail it has.
    I'm no longer concerned about shooting wildlife with it. I love my D300, but the D700 is plain AmAzInG
    Lil :)
  47. So many great shots. All the beautiful winter images make me kind of sad that Spring is coming....not really. Well ...not only did I just get my D300..but I also shot my first RAW. Here is the first bounty. Not as sharp as it should be because the boat was bouncing around a bit. No sealegs in February. F5.6... 1/2000... ISO1000... 70-300mm
  48. Haven't anything to post but wanted to say what a fabulous set of pictures this week - am particularly taken with Eric's dog, I want one. What's he/she called? Assume is french bulldog.
  49. Hmmm, problem with my picture loading... could be intermittent.
    It is embedded rather than attached, because my images are 800px or 880px wide and the system here does not show them if they are over 700px wide and attached, YET it takes a 880px embedded picture and does "width=700" on it. That is not consistent. It could be "consistent" from system point of view where it doesn't show if it's over 700px, but from user point of view if you do "width=700" do it for all over 700
    Here is a link to - my picture - Great Blue Heron
  50. Taken in San Francisco, during the Chinese New Year Celebrations. D50 1/250 sec @ f8.0, ISO 200, Nikkor 18-200 mm VR
  51. " am particularly taken with Eric's dog, I want one. What's he/she called? Assume is french bulldog."
    that's Belle, who belongs to my friend Mike's neighbor Pierre. i'd guess you are right about her being a French bulldog. if you rub her between the eyes, she lets out contented little grunts of pleasure. an affectionate creature who's a joy to be around, although she's a bit impatient to be the perfect canine model.
  52. bmm


    Travelling today so I have to draw from my portfolio - an image taken in Thailand last year but only recently processed (though I should add those amazing greens are exactly as they were in real life).
    Matthew B - wonderful image. I was in Victoria last week travelling between Bendigo and Benalla and yes the haze and smoke made for some surreal scenes that belied the tragedy going on.
  53. Taken while on holiday in Ireland, my first trip "across the pond". Nikon D700, Nikor 17-35mm/f 2.8 @ 35 mm, 1/25 sec @ f16
  54. Lil, Lex have posted just a few times, the one I have on mind is a mother with child portrait.
    Ilkka, time ago I promised myself to visit Finland at least once in my life. All that ice attract me like a magnet.
  55. A reminder of Valentine's Day. D700
  56. Bored the Sunday outdoor market.
  57. Voila.
  58. lazy afternoon
  59. I give up.
    • I must remember to have a photo less than 700 px wide BEFORE posting.
    • I cannot add the photo after the post have been submitted.
    • I must not have more than one tab open in the browser, which can cause the resized picture to be sent to the wrong thread.
    • I think I'm going to get banned from this site for being a dummy.
  60. Chef Walter Manzke cooking down the onions for tart flambe.
  61. Bernard, are you sure your settings werent on "vivid"? that sure is one verdant field of green.
    Ilkka, your pic is great but it gives me shivers.
    Rene's has an Akira Kurosawa aspect to it but still quite chilly
    Richard's pic at least thawed me out a bit...i like Hamish's horizon too.
    nice work, all!
  62. During a fishing trip in south Texas. Right before a cold front blew in. 85 f1.4 shot wide open. D700 body.
  63. N80 80-200 2.8 @f/4, 1/2000, fuji 1600
  64. Kudzu Railroad, somewhere in South Carolina. . . .
  65. This is only my second contribution. Taken Monday this week.
    D300 70 - 200 F/2.8 exposure was: ISO 1250 86mm @ f/2.8 1/60
  66. After watching a good portion of the last few week's WedNEsDay PiC's center around bird photos, I thought I'd give it a try. I found out that it isn't so easy when all you have is a 50mm lens (could have used the kit 18-55, but wouldn't gain much). Anyways, here's my contribution.
    D60 with 50mm 1.4G AF-S, 100% crop, 1/320s F/9 ISO100
  67. OK, I'm late to the game this week. Not my favorite but it is my wife's favorite from her dying Valentine's Day flowers. Out of respect, I post what she liked. Told her I really needed a new D700 and 24/70 to make this photo special but she didn't buy it. I'll try again next year.....
  68. Opal NOT Napping (like she should)
  69. I have been a big fan of Cycling for the last 4 years but this was the first time I ever got to see a race live! Tour of California: Prologue, winner Fabian Cancellara.
  70. I do computer consulting on Wednesday's for our local County Board of Mental Retardation/Developmental Disabilities. Today (oops...yesterday now) I was at our sheltered workshop. We get laundered shop rags in bulk from our customer and re-package the rags in bundles of 25 which our customer then delivers to their customer. Here are some of the guys on the shop floor counting rags.
  71. From more than a few Wednesdays ago.....
  72. [​IMG]
    My first post and it is still Wednesday.
    This was shot with a d90 and 70 to 300 mm lens. The iso was set to 3200 at shot at about f11 in an attempt to artificially force some noise. the washout is a result of playing with light room with no specific intent
  73. Clarke House, Princeton Battlefield State Park
    D700, 24-70 f/2.8 G at 28mm, ISO 200, Daylight WB
    Sharpening and perspective distortion correction in Photoshop CS2
  74. Jose - thanks for letting me know - I must have missed Lex's other shots. Now I know to look closer.
    Now - how do we get Shun to join in the fun. :)
    Lil :)
  75. Hei Lil, thanks for the compliment. We are in Norway.
  76. [​IMG] D200 18-70
  77. Thank you Lil! Don't you miss all that snow? :)
    APURVA... Very interesting and original shot!
    ANDY!???? That is scary! :)
    ROBERT BODY.... Just beautiful! The pano crop was the way to go but its just a bit too tight!
    ERIC... quiet the opposite! The temperature raised and hell broke loose! When it is really chilly it doesn't snow much!
  78. My daughter on a sunday walk ...
    D80 50mm F/1.8 - 1/400s @ 2.8 ISO 100
  79. I did a menu for a burger restaurant here in Taipei called KGB or Kiwi Gourmet Burgers.
    Yes, they are from NZ, lol.
    It turned out pretty well. For each item, i supplied a few white bg photos, as well as a nice one of the item sitting in the restaurant surrounded by boke from my 55mm 1.2. :)
  80. The spring is coming.
  81. Kevin, you shot that mourning dove with a 50 mm? That bird must have been stuffed:) What a great shot. I can't get within 20' of them.
  82. Bernie - I have a few Doves that have been living around my house, which is quite a challenge for them since I also have two boxers that would catch them if given the chance. Note in my comments that it was a 100% crop, most of the shot was tree branches, which I cut away for this post. The full picture wasn't too impressive. Maybe someday I'll have a bigger zoom lens like the other folks shooting birds here.
  83. This is a street shot along a Toronto street. Used a D200 with a 45 f2.8 AiP lens @f11, 1/30 s, ISO100
  84. Kevin Vollmer - Nice shot.
    Doug Santo
  85. Rene' - I love snow - - to visit & in small proportions. None of this cold, wet, & dark for months on end when people turn green from lack of sun. That I don't like.
    Hamish, Norway, Sweden & Finland have some amazing snowy expanses - - got to love them. :)
    The great shots just keep coming in this weeks thread. :)
    Lil :)
  86. Hi
    THis is my first post on the forum, im from the uk (yorkshire), this is one of my first attempts with my new D300 (previous camera olympus E510) its of my local woods the morning after a lot of snow.
  87. You`re welcome, Tony.
  88. Ofer: I love this shot. It looks like she is pondering or planning something. Possibly an escape from the crib!
  89. bmm


    Eric - if you've ever visited Thailand you'll know its that whole wonderful country which is set to vivid!!
    (More seriously yes I did change to vivid in NX2 but only to replicate the almost irridescent greens that I remembered from being at the scene - it really was something, and I downright ordered our minibus driver to stop as I was not going to let us go past that amazing field without taking a few images of it!)
  90. Nathan: Thanks! She is the easiest subject b/c she's so cute.
  91. So many beautiful pictures, as usual. Hamish's and Richard's winter scenes are wonderful. Matthew's Victoria image looks like it's from another planet. And I love in jf's the justaposition of the elegant sepia tones and violent action.
    Wish I had something to contribute. I had hopes for awhile. A little (4mm or so) spider appeared on the bathroom wall Tuesday night. He waited patiently while I got my camera, fitted the macro lens and flash, and took a dozen shots. But when I saw his ugly, hairy mug magnified about 50 times on the screen, it was just too creepy for words, and I had to delete everything. Hats off to all the photographic arachnologists out there who see beauty in these little monsters.
  92. What's with that distracting glob of blue light? Isn't the cuppa and writing enough for a tight comp.
  93. Should have set saturation to +3 and selected VIVID, then the digits would have had some glorious color. Or waited for the light to go red, purple etc. See Ken Rockwell on how to get real colors out of digits. The composition is pleasing, but without some glamour-color, it becomes boring.

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