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Discussion in 'Nikon' started by jose_angel, Dec 16, 2008.

  1. I have read on a previous post (Graham`s about F6) comments about the pleasure of taking a photograph with any camera. This issue makes my choice of image this week.
    I was going to the dinning room when I visualized a pleasant light coming from this bedroom. The world stopped. I wanted this pic. I needed this pic. I needed to work fast. I left the dinner service on the floor and run for the camera and tripod. The scene contrast were too high for the camera, I wanted to get all from this scene. I hear my wife from the kitchen "Jose, is the table already set?", -"Just a minute"- I said. Quick, quick, I needed to do it -quickly!-. I run for a hand meter and the cable release. As usual I meter on the light but the door gets almost black. what could I do?, I overexpose a bit but the highlights were burned. My wife again, "Jose, lunch is ready..." I tried to add some light to the corridor but result was not as pleasant... ... ... I were having almost the same fun than shooting with my 4x5" Technika... but with the benefit of having that wonderful hystogram feedback. I enjoyed that time (my wife didn`t, she was hungry... !). D700 @ 200ISO+ 50/1.8, f2.8 - 1/125 (+1EV).
    Finally I decided to burn the highlights a bit, and result were reasonably to my taste, but only looking at the 100% sized image. Downsized, the image loose something. Contrast has been increased here to make it more web-attractive. Color hasn`t been changed.
    Feel free to post your PiC of the Week. Nikon gear, one image, comments welcomed (I hope), as usual.
  2. I didn't know what to post today so I decided to go with a bird! I didn't know there were woodpeckers in Japan. Now that is cold, the leaves have all fallen, the bees are gone and the snakes are sleeping I've been getting into the little forest by my office! guess what I found? Yeap! Hundreds of woodpeckers among other creatures!
    OK! now that #51 is done, let's start thinking for a good picture for Xmas eve! Uhmm! I wonder what I will post! :) Any suggestions?
    PS. Jose... I think I can still hear your wife calling you! :)
  3. ... I know the only merit of this pic (if there is any) belong to Paul Strand`s "Taylor`s apprentice", at the back of the room.
  4. LOL... Renè, if so, you must feel your hair stuck up on end... ! :)
  5. Wednesday- a day off work - time to enjoy the garden........
    D700 + 70-200mm f/2.8 VR @135mm f/4
  6. What can I say Jose! Your picture is fantastic! There is something about it that is quite enchanting....and René, I love your bird pictures. I'm gonna have to get me one of those 300 F/4's.
    I wasn't sure what to put out today. I have about 100 landscapes to choose from, but I decided to do something spontaneous this week and 10 minutes ago decided on this one...
    Every winter the local fire brigade floods a little gravel soccer field in the center of town, so that it freezes and we get an ice-skating park instead. Here is a shot of some of the towns youth having an informal ice-hockey game.
  7. My 6-year-old (in purple) venting some agression on the mat...
  8. Winter has arrived where I live...
  9. [​IMG]
    This is a picture of Paul Eppling's sculpture that is perched atop the St Petersburg fleet maintenance facility.It is constructed of 2 tons of used car parts.The firefly incorporates a street light.The piece is titled "Security Lizard" .
    Taken with Nikon D40 f 11; 4 seconds 18-200mm lens set at 130
  10. I guess that you will have to go to my portfolio to see the image I can't figure how to attach any larger of a file...I have to go to work :^(
  11. It was a messy ride into work this morning
  12. jvf


    Gray Wednesday in Denmark
    D700 70-200 2:8, 70mm F/22 today 14:08 local time.
    A god idea, these wednewsday photos, makes me a little active.
  13. D300 & 18 - 200 VR
  14. Hamish.... "What can I say Jose! Your picture is fantastic!"
    Are you also developing peeping habits like Jose? :) No wonder you want a 300 mm lens! :)
  15. Taken night of lunar event, 12/12/08. D2H, 50/1.8D AF-Nikkor. ISO 200, 6 seconds @ f/8, -3 EV in aperture priority mode. I'd planned to do a composite or HDR rendering, but ended up preferring the look of a single photo.
  16. lol! Is that what he's doing? :)

    No but seriously, some people have the gift of taking pictures of ordinary things in a way that make them interesting. So far all of Jose's WedNEsDAy pics been like that. I don't know how he does it. I love the soft, neutral colours in this one and the blurred background. It's almost a scene from an old film.
    Richards winter scene is also a winner!
  17. Out with my FM3a and 100mm E last Sunday. The warmth of the sun was enough to make the fields steam for a short time.
  18. I will try again.
  19. Saturday - APS Fantasy of Lights Boat Parade - 40 decorated boats in Tempe, Arizona
    Nikon D300, 105mm f2/.8 AF-S - 1/20s f/2.8, ISO-1600, 85% crop
    Not an ISO i was comfortable with (not knowing what to expect from the ISO setting, and this being a once-a-year event), but then again 1/20s is even less comfortable. I was bracketing form 1/45s to 1/20s and 1/90s, and i did pick some 1/90s later when the boats were closer and with 50mm lens... but maybe because it was 1/90s at f/1.8. Seeing the results I do wish i had switched to ISO-3200 to see how it would look... 1/90s would make me a lot more comfortable, or ideally 1/90s at f/5.6..... and full sensor
  20. I'm dreaming of a Red Christmas
  21. Well, I finally got my new Nikon D90 and I have been out shooting everything that I can. Leaving it mostly on "Auto" for now just to see where it takes me. I am really excited about learning this new camera. The shot here is my dog Jake staring down the Old Goat. The dog always wins.
    This is the first time shooting when there is snow/ice on the ground so I think that I will be getting some better shots.
    I used my new 50mm f1.8 D.
  22. D200 with Sigma 150-500 at 150mm, f/10, 8s, ISO 100
  23. Had the chance to visit Hearst Castle last weekend before the storm.
  24. I guess that we've been blacklisted from the PN most frequent forum page...oh well
    Great Pictures Richard I grew up in the UP now I live in Tampa (less snow to shovel)
  25. not much other than sports this week, but this was my favorite of the week...great shots everyone, particularly nice one Doug with the City Hall and as always, excellent composition Richard.
  26. D300 w/16-85 @85mm ISO 200 1/8sec f/22 Handheld
  27. A photo for my Mom for Christmas. Nikon D80 with 60mm AF-S Micro-Nikkor, shot at f/8, 3 seconds. Also my first attempt at lighting something artificially. I used two cheap shop lights bought at a local hardware store with a 40 watt compact flourescent bulb in each, and an overhead flood light, all "diffused" with a piece of office paper. I also used two pieces of white foam board to try and fill in the shadows, and hung a piece of black felt as a backdrop. Had the lights clamped to a stepladder and a barstool, truly a poor man's setup.
    I look forward to this post every week, and always wanted to contribute a picture. Thanks!
  28. D50, SB-800 (SU-4 1/32), F11 @ 1/10, ISO400, 32mm
    No manipulation except for slight cropping
  29. Keith, that is a really cool picture!
  30. There was quite a nice light coming through the window and I popped my daughter on a chair ... she got bored quickly!!
    Keith: Love the self portrait!
  31. My first post here!
  32. I like it, Pedro.
  33. Thanks Jose.
    It was a stormy day, with winds reaching up to 50mph and it had been raining forever! That umbrella wouldn't hold still for a second =)

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