Wednesday Landscapes, 7 November 2018

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  1. You are invited to upload one or more of your landscape photos and, if you’d like, to accompany your image with some commentary: challenges you faced in making the image? your intent for the image? settings? post-processing decisions? why you did what you did? the place and time? or an aspect you’d like feedback on? And please feel free to ask questions of others who have posted images or to join the discussion. If you don’t feel like using words, that’s OK too—unaccompanied images (or unaccompanied words, for that matter) are also very much welcomed. As for the technicalities, the usual forum guidelines apply: files < 1 MB; image size <1000 px maximum dimension.

    One of many cool things about spending a lot of time with a camera in the dark dank depths of a dense redwood forest is that when there is a rare patch of sunlight, interesting things happen. Here, the canopy opening that allowed the sunlight in had also allowed an alder to make a go of it—the dark background is the surrounding barricade of coast redwood. Everything here was dripping wet, which is why the branchlets were so reflective.

  2. Dakota Sandstone - Horse Thief Canyon
    Smoky Hills
  3. Another kind of wetness dominates our landscape here at home. Way above average rainfall have kept a vernal pond from drying up this year. There are anywhere from a few inches to a few feet of water in an area of about 1/4 acre. Plants and animals take advantage of the environment whether wet or dry, and it is easy to watch because it's about 200 feet from our house. The pond is also a mirror of the ever changing seasonal color. A couple days after this was taken a strong line of storms brought about a foot of water to the pond and most leaves were blown from the trees. This view won't be seen again until next year.

    Landscape 11-7.jpg
  4. Not a classic fall for colors but here and there you can find some.

  5. This is Lake Conway about a mile from where I work. I took this one morning this summer before work. I liked the light the low morning sun was casting on the reeds. LakeConway112018_1_G_1.jpg
  6. shadows of the clouds.jpg
    M4, Portra 160, Unicolor C-41, Steamboat Springs, CO USA.
  7. Leslie and Laura made reference to "dripping wet" and "wetness" which pretty much sums up yesterdays weather in the UK.
  8. Walking around Gibbs Gardens and looking at the pictures later made me realize that I don't really know how to represent fall color right. Still have a lot to learn. M10, 50/2 Summicron. This fall color is perhaps a bit more subtle and it gives me a sense of tranquility. I like Japanese Gardens because they seem to be somewhat ordered nature. Heck at least we GOT a little fall color after that brutal summer.

  9. coal creek square s.jpg
    Here is a color version of a slightly different composition of the creek in my black and white photo. Only rarely do I find a composition that looks appropriate in square format, but I think that this one does.
  10. Nice canal towpath. Where was it if you don’t mind me asking.
  11. White Sands National Monument with the Olympus E-M1 Mark II..




  12. Hi Mike, It's the Trent and Mersey canal at Alrewas in Staffordshire.
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  13. Thanks Gerald. Looks well kept.

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