Wednesday Landscapes, 7 April, 2021

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  1. In a word, yes. The image demonstrates how representational subject matter can also be abstract. It certainly grabbed my attention.
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  2. Butting in on the discussion: I usually don't like seeing people in landscape photos. Where someone else sees them as adding interest, I see them as distracting, at the least.

    Laura, aren't all photos unwitting self-portraits?
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  3. Possibly, probably, maybe, sorta yes on any given day (or night), depends, dunno,.........sure. :rolleyes:
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  4. The lake is still on ice

  5. Sandy Vongries

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  6. No harm intended, but Photoshop has a function that removes purple fringing such as you see on the top branches.
  7. I think I prefer the colour version though both are excellent.
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  8. I genuinely like the purple fringing in Michael’s photo as it complements the golden sun.
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  9. Landscapes are a good exercise in recognizing the beauty of nature, not only visually but in what you feel in the observation, and sharing that feeling with others.

    Speaking of "feeling," I tripped backing up to compose this photo, and came close to being impaled on another patch of barrel cacti. This was taken in the Boyce Thompson Aboretum, near Phoenix, AZ


  10. 20131020 IMG_2735 Lake Ashroe fall colors MWS C V1.jpg Lake Ashroe, New Jersey

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