Wednesday Landscapes, 4 November 2020

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  1. You are invited to upload one or more of your landscape photos and, if you’d like, to accompany your image with some commentary: challenges you faced in making the image? your intent for the image? settings? post-processing decisions? why you did what you did? the place and time? or an aspect you’d like feedback on? And please feel free to ask questions of others who have posted images or to join the discussion. If you don’t feel like using words, that’s OK too—unaccompanied images (or unaccompanied words, for that matter) are also very much welcomed. As for the technicalities, the usual forum guidelines apply: files < 1 MB; image size <1000 px maximum dimension.

    I rarely mess with my landscape photos in any significant way, but this time I cloned out a foreground rock in the lower right corner. I’d originally included it in the composition to add an additional layer of distance, since that’s what the rest of the frame is about. Once home, though, I decided it was too much of a distraction, and away it went. I wasn’t entirely successful in covering my editing tracks—you can still see some repeated textures down there. I could have gotten around the problem by cropping the bottom, but I liked the contrasting lines of sand and water too much to give them up.

  2. India.jpg
    East side of the Ganges at Varanasi early morning​
  3. Leslie,
    Whatever "textures" left behind are only noticeable to you. It looks like the reflections continue through the layers of water. It's a fine edit.

    This week I opted for a skyscape to reflect Pennsylvania being up in the air, so to speak.

  4. snake river conant valley s.jpg
    Snake River near Conant Valley, Idaho.
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  5. I love the dreamy atmosphere, Leslie. At what time of day did you shoot this?
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  6. Taken at a small park close to my house . . .

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  7. One more from the same location

    park tree.jpg
  8. Appalachian Autumn 10-25-03 H01.jpg
    Shenandoah Valley, Virginia
  9. Thanks, Michael! It's just before what would have been sunrise on a June morning, had the sun actually appeared on schedule. Morning fogs are the hallmark of summer on my part of the northern California coast. In this case, the mist was light enough that it had burned off within about a half hour.
  10. Fed-2 / Jupiter-8, G filter, EDU 200 @ 125, Pyrocat HDC & V600 scan. Aloha, Bill 2k20-086-002 ces10 bc bm.jpg
  11. Back, finally, to the Wednesday Landscapes thread. It's been too long. Here's something going back to 2016, since I'm not getting out much this year.
  12. No, I can't. At least not at the standard PNet resolution. This looks great! It is officially one of my favorite examples of your work.
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  13. Thanks, David! And it's good to see you back here--you've been missed!
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