Wednesday Landscapes, 3 July 2019

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  1. hanauma bay BW s.jpg
    Hanauma Bay, Oahu, Hawaii
  2. Glenn, the water in the shallows looks like a layer of textured plastic. Clearly your high angle was a major factor in creating this effect.
  3. It’s almost as bad as Dieter’s :)
  4. Glenn, seems to me like maybe wind is the biggest factor in causing the appearance of the water in your photo. It's funny how something as "simple" as water can be both realistic and artificial looking at the same time, especially when conditions are taken into account. I think it's the textural anomaly here with the very real nature of the scene and the way you captured it that makes the photo.
  5. hanauma bay s.jpg

    Here is the original unmodified color photo for comparison. I increased the overall brightness and then dodged the surf lines in the black and white version to make them more distinct, as well as other minor corrections.

    I think that the interesting (plastic looking) texture is caused by small waves refracting through gaps in the coral reef and causing interference patterns. It looks like there was little wind that morning to disturb the surface.

    Deborah - I really like the complexity of the colors in your photo.

    Leslie - my guess is that there is a line of power poles on the hill in background of your photo that are reflected by the water.
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