Wednesday Landscapes, 3 August 2022

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  1. You are invited to upload one or more of your landscape photos and, if you’d like, to accompany your image with some commentary: challenges you faced in making the image? your intent for the image? settings? post-processing decisions? why you did what you did? the place and time? or an aspect you’d like feedback on? And please feel free to ask questions of others who have posted images or to join the discussion. If you don’t feel like using words, that’s OK too—unaccompanied images (or unaccompanied words, for that matter) are also very much welcomed. As for the technicalities, the usual forum guidelines apply: files < 1 MB; image size <1000 px maximum dimension.

    Another posting in honor of the non-existent Mudflat Appreciation Society. I took the photo a few days ago, standing about 30 feet from where I figure Rick would have been when he took his photo on the 13 July thread:

  2. Very amusing.
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  3. Nature's own bas-relief sculpture.

  4. 031LAN Riachuelo-Tamajón Canon F-1n Canon 28.jpg Canon F-1n. Canon FDn 28. Ilford XP2 400
  5. Montgomery County, Maryland

  6. Mt Kenya - Dawn
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  8. trona pinicles.jpg
    Trona Pinnacles, California
  9. Absolutely
  10. Leslie, did you train the ducks to shop just short of the water? A marvelous image . . .
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  11. To those photogs I didn't mention by name, I ran out of time. Your work is admirable.
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