Wednesday Landscapes, 12 June 2019

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  1. These are some of what I brought back from a recent trip to Yellowstone (my first back since being a youngster). I know you can take crappy pictures at Yellowstone but my keeper rate went way up on this trip. I'll save you the iconic ones of Grand Prismatic Springs and Artist Point (Old Faithful didn't come out so well).

    Channeling my inner Ansel Adams (but in color) - Actually this is in Grand Teton Park on your way into Yellowstone from the south..

    2019 06 01 Grand Teton Nationa Park and Snake River.JPG

    Carrington Island - Just a dot of an island but it's not Dot Island - that's another island.

    2019 06 03 Pinpoint Island Yellowstone Lake.JPG

    I'm a big fan of interconnected waterfalls.

    2019 06 05 Barronette Peak Waterfall - 5.JPG

    And lastly, the most attractive view for me - Hayden Valley

    2019 06 03 Hayden Valley Yellowstone River - 2.JPG
  2. Glad you made it to Yellowstone and Teton. We'll be passing through this weekend on our roundabout way home from Laramie, and I hope to get a few of my own. Happy trails.
  3. Thanks. It's been on the bucket list for a while now. Enjoy your trip as well. I've been to Wyoming a number of times on business (this was the first "leisure" trip - the hiking kicked our behind).
  4. Varadero-1.jpg

    Varadero beach.
  5. Just slightly to the right of this spot/perspective we once watched a coyote fight off a bald eagle and two ravens who wanted to poach the coyote's gray goose kill. It was Wild Kingdom in the flesh, and was also the genesis for the purchase of some much better/longer glass than the measly 55-200mm kit lens I had at the time. Here's hoping the 200-500 gets a workout this trip.:):)
  6. I couldn't resist posting this image since, aside from the sunset, it (in my opinion) represents the variety of beauty the ocean can provide.
  7. Crystal Beach, ON, Canada 6EEE0D6A-DF04-4FFA-9746-1C0B37923928.jpeg
  8. David, I have fond memories of Crystal Beach, having spent a lot of my life in Buffalo. Have you been to the old lighthouse in Ridgeway?
  9. No I haven’t but my old boss left the very same message on my Instagram account. He also grew up in Buffalo and said everybody went to the midway in Crystal Beach. They just completed a new beach for the residents.
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