Wednesday Landscapes, 10 June 2020

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  1. You are invited to upload one or more of your landscape photos and, if you’d like, to accompany your image with some commentary: challenges you faced in making the image? your intent for the image? settings? post-processing decisions? why you did what you did? the place and time? or an aspect you’d like feedback on? And please feel free to ask questions of others who have posted images or to join the discussion. If you don’t feel like using words, that’s OK too—unaccompanied images (or unaccompanied words, for that matter) are also very much welcomed. As for the technicalities, the usual forum guidelines apply: files < 1 MB; image size <1000 px maximum dimension.

    JDMvW’s photo last week of clouds on Mt Meru got me thinking about Tanzanian volcanoes. Here’s a scanned Kodachrome slide of a maar on the west flank of Ol Doinyo Lengai, roughly two volcanoes to the left of Meru. The main peak is off the image to the left. It’s an active volcano, with its most recent significant eruption in 2008. (Maar: crater left when magma hits groundwater and the resulting steam catastrophically expands, blowing the heck out of anything above it)

  2. Icelandic glacier. Plenty of volcanoes there too.
  3. kilauea volcano s+.jpg
    Kilauea volcano, Hawaii. This photo was taken in 2010. The landscape has reportedly changed considerably since the May 2018 eruption, but I have not been back to photograph it.
  4. India-Agra-)-Jaipur.jpg
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  5. Mallorca island
    007LAN Rocas Playa Mallorca-CFDn28.jpg
    Canon F-1n. Canon FDn 28. Fujifilm Superia 200​

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