Wednesday Landscapes, 10 July 2019

Discussion in 'Landscape' started by Leslie Reid, Jul 10, 2019.

  1. Very nice scanning job Sally. I’m working on my scanning process and can appreciate a nice one when I see it.
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  2. Thanks. Due to sheer volume (hundreds of rolls of film), I'm not being as careful as I should but post-scan touch-ups on a selected few are quick and easy.
  3. Tony Parsons

    Tony Parsons Norfolk and Good

    TONY0029 - woodland walk 001a.jpg

    Into the unknown
  4. Those weren't there last night. What happened to the neighbors? (Iceland)

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  5. A very different and compelling landscape. Bravo. Great storytelling ... the photo, not your caption, lol :). Wonderful colors with a subtle palette, palpable texture, sensuous undulating foreground and a screened, almost camouflaged payoff in the cabin/house. This has a painterly quality, so achievable in photography without relying on one of the kitschy paint filters some softwares supply. That stake front and center is the only question mark, perhaps exclamation point.
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  6. That's really cool
  7. Thank you Jason. The lens is nice and opens up interesting options. One thing I really like about the image is how it changes when the eyes concentrate on the dark areas. I start gettin' a bit dizzy. :rolleyes:

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