Wedding shots that sounded good on paper.

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  1. Okay, we're all so serious all the time, so let's goof off a bit. How about those well intended shots that sound sooooo interesting until you actually see them... or someone else does. Here's one I really thought was going to work nicely... which I put some time into muting the colors and doing other stuff to it... only to have my wife point out that the pose made the bride look like a she was laying in her coffin. Shades of Mrs. Haversham! Now I can't look at it without getting creeped out. No more closed eyes for this style shot. Come on now you've got one to share don't you?
  2. Here's another well intention shot manipulated in PS without first paying attention to the
    subjects in the background. The Keith Richards wannabe guitar player had a look on his
    face that would make Charley Manson proud. Not a great wedding memory.
  3. Pic didn't load for above. Here it is again.
  4. here's one. My little niece was playing on the sofa with the bride looking on. At the scene, the moment was perfect but then on triX, the tones at the sofa sorta made my niece indistinguishable.....again sorta..
  5. I was definately expecting to see a little more background to fill out the frame. Had it been there I think it would have been a great shot, as it is now it's ok. Nice expression but the whole shot could have been better.
    ps: Mark, this was shot out in yor neck of the woods, can't remember the name of the hall at the moment.
  6. Marc - if it wasn't for the deathly overtones that would be one very nice image. There must be a situation, a shot, that will work well with that to share it?
  7. T Ferrell, Actually, for me it isn't the color (although the" dead flesh" look doesn't help), it's the R.I.P. pose... clutched flowers, eyes closed... a really tragic story of a beautiful young bride on her way to the ceremony in an ill fated limo ride. The family insisted she be be put to rest in her wedding dress along with her flowers. Heart wrenching weeping could be heard softly in the background. Days later, the groom inexplicably confronts two shotgun toting gang bangers in a heroic attempt to rescue a party store owner. Many say it was his way of joining the love of his life. He was wearing his Tuxedo at the time with the ring still in the pocket.
  8. Was going for a double exposure on this one. Even took two, just in case one didn't work out. What I didn't realize until I got the prints back was that I had mixed the orientation of the two exporures!
  9. Travis, I still think that shot works. There's an irony to kids dissapearing into the background; they never do this in real life. A little OT, but here's my contribution. Eyes open? Overated.
  10. 2 out of 4 ain't bad Matt. ; -)

    I've had a couple of subjects that had an uncanny ability to blink right at the wrong
    moment. Mr, and Mrs. Blinky. That they could blink completely with the flash firing at 1/
    2000th of a second was amazing. Big posed group shots are the worst sometimes. I've got
    a technique that works 95% of the time. The other 5% I just swipe their open eyes from a
    another of the same shot and layer them in.
  11. Marc, the PS technique is a good idea, but I'm curious what technique it is that works the other 95% of the time. This is still my favorite group shot from that day. Please, no one look at the photographer. No really, that's fine.
  12. Matt, I simply un-holster my 357 Magnum and hold it over the lens. No one takes their
    eyes off of it, nor do they blink... but getting a natural smile out of them becomes a bit
    more difficult.

    By the way, maybe that's why I've never had anyone try to steal my gear like we were
    discussing in an earlier thread (?)

    : -)
  13. Here's another funny one... no harm done. But impossible to get a smile after that spill.
  14. thx Matt..good catch Marc the last one.. here's one where I'd do better if I looked out for unnecessary background elements..
  15. The groom trimming a few whiskers at the last minute, what a great idea! Except the pic makes him look a bit like....well, you know.
  16. LOL, Marc. A whole new meaning for shotgun wedding.
  17. jbs


  18. Here's a shot of a groom a bit overly eager to get to the kiss.
  19. Todd, it looks like a Francis Bacon painting! : -)

    Come on Mary, you're really, really good... but you must have SOME bloopers.

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