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  1. Hello all,

    My name is John, I am a photographer since 2014. I love what I do, but mostly I am disappointed of my results. Can anybody tell me how can I learn to learn this editing techniques, or if it is anybody selling, teaching lessons for a better improvement.
    I badly wish to became a great photographer, and I struggle so hard to learn, but I don't see much improvement.

    I'll put here my favorite type of photography and editing, and hoping someone can help me.
    Poenar Ovidiu Wedding Photographer
    FixFoto - weddings and more

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  2. William Michael

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    I think that you you would gain a wider and more useful response if you posted one or two of your own photos with a short description of why you are unhappy with the results. EXIFdata for the images will be useful and also a brief description of the Lighting and Shooting Conditions.
    There are many thousands of years experience here at Photonet and showing what YOU have created will benefit those with experience, to assist you.


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