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  1. Hello everyone, dose anyone use online wedding photography site that send you
    leads if so which are some good ones, I live in So Cal. Thank you everyone :)
  2. no, I cultivate my own and will not pay for porported "leads." On direct refferal I my proffer finder fee (FF).

    As you know FF are tax deductible as an expense of doing biz.
  3. I've used, but I haven't been able to get a single bride to call me back or reply to my emails. I won't buy referrals anymore!

    Their ppc advertising rate is wonderful, and I get a good amount of traffic from them. Gorgeous photo galleries, too.
  4. That's funny because I have used and have paid for leads and have never received a call back either. I figure that most of them are probably vendors trying to figure out how the site works.
  5. I no longer pay for leads. It is just a practice that I don't think I like. If they want you they will find you and book you. With a lead, they (whomever 'they' may be) get a pile of junk mail from 10 photogs who came from one of the sites they visited. The chances of getting anything from that are pretty slim from my experience.

    Best of luck either way, D.
  6. We've tried this also a few times, figuring "hey, $10 is only $10." I think it was like $2 a lead. Not a single contact from them.
  7. unless you are marketing the greater Chicagoland area.
  8. I've sunk maybe about $100.00 and booked about 6 Weddings from various lead sources, so I think I've been able to justify the cost. But you do have to understand that for the most part, these are No Shows, and a fast hand on the phone and good technique in sales is required.

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