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  1. I currently subscribe to Petersen's Photographic magazine. I am more
    interested in wedding photography alone however. Does anyone know if
    there is any magazine out there for wedding photography? Please let
    me know. Thanks a million.
  2. "Professional Photographer" but you need to join PPA - Professional
    Photographers of America-- to get it. No newstand sales.
  3. Ellis,
    How do I join the PPA? Does it have specific requirements, membership fee? I guess I have to be a pro to join. Thanks.
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    Rangefinder Magazine is also a good rag. They are currently offering free subscriptions at:

    That wrapped, of course, so you will have to copy and paste it into your browser.

    Rangefinder is associated with WPPI which is a professional organization focused on the event and wedding specialist.

  5. Ellis, I don't think you are correct about needing to be a member. I have been getting the magazine since last November, and I am not a PPoA member. To find out more about this magazine, you can go to the PPMAG website. They have a subscribe online link, and from what I could see there, there was no mention of needing to be a member to subscribe. As to how pertinent the magazine will be for someone more interested in wedding photography alone, I am not sure. There have been many good articles about the business side of photography, but I don't recall much about wedding photography alone. That may be because I have not been looking for it. :) Ellis, please correct me if this is not the magazine you were referring to. George
  6. There's a nice article about shooting a wedding for a cash strapped friend in Popular Photography this month. April 2004 issue. I found it very informative! Also Ordered a book from Jim Sint entitled Wedding Photography; Art, Business, and Style. There coming out with a new edition to this book soon. I found a copy of the original in the U.K. and bought it. Seems its a collectors item now.
  7. Studio Photography and Design is my favorite monthly.

    A wedding photographer is featured in every issue. Lots of images, a breakdown of their
    "Tool Box" of gear, and their approach. Very well edited and slickly reproduced Cygnus
    publication. for more info.
  8. American Photo...Just did an awsome "Wedding and Portrait Guide" as a suppliment magazine to their regular mag. Articles from six pros and great articles on Sales and Marketing and Shooting with Flash. I highly recommend it. <p>The featured photographers were: Joe Buissink, Hanson Fong, Clay Blackmore, Marty Sikes, Roy Madearis, Stewart and Susan Powers and Dennis Keeley. Cheers.

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