Wedding Photographer defamed

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  2. I saw that. Just more proof that couples don't read their contracts and we have to be sure they understand anything that affects their end result and payment schedule.
  3. Happy for the photographer, not only because of the amount of money, but because of what this whole scenario did for her business. Originally, news outlets were implying that she ripped them off even though that clearly wasn't the case. It wasn't just a one-off bad experience; they literally tried to ruin her whole business.

    Kind of scary to think how one bad client can potentially ruin everything when it comes to service businesses like photography.
  4. I saw that, and nice pictures.
  5. It's funny though, one never knows...My nephew got married last October, nearly a year ago. $3000 later, still no pictures. They will 'get around to it', a direct quote. I shot a fairly large wedding this past June and was able to have proofs to everyone in three days and a complete album printed in 5 weeks. Sometimes the photographer gets screwed but sometimes he deserves it. In our case though, brides dad is a federal prosecutor. Hhhmmm, I wonder how that will turn out.

    Rick H.
  6. It's all about managing expectations. If you shoot 50-60 weddings a year full time, your turnaround is likely very different from someone who shoots 5 to 10 and doesn't have them stacking up on each other. A photographer might also have a day job and can only process in their off hours. Ultimately, you know what your workflow is and if you set the expectation up front that it takes a certain amount of time, no one is waiting around and wondering.

    A year, though? Yeah, that's too long. If that photographer told your nephew up front that it would take a year or more, I doubt that photographer would have gotten the job. I prefer to under-promise and over-deliver. I tell my couples six to eight weeks and even in the busiest times of year never take more than four or five. :)
  7. How things have changed........

    When I shot weddings professionally, we were expected to shoot in the afternoon, keep a lab open on the Saturday to run the C-41 process, contact and proof all shots ready for the wedding reception in the evening. That's when the alcohol effect meant that many orders were placed for the family/group shots and we made our money.

    Of course, the album and staged shots were built into the price, but the reception purchases were very lucrative.

    We'd normally close up a package within 2 weeks......and expect repeat orders as the bride/groom/parents passed the album to family/friends.

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  8. So, not C-22?
  9. lol, no, C-41.....shows you how long ago it was :)
  10. $1.35m? isn't that too much? What happened by the way?

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