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  1. Morning everyone,

    I've been looking around for a way to deliver at least early an early look at wedding proofs. As I was going through YouTube I found The Snap Chick, an interesting lady who seems to do a lot of things one of which is making a boat load of videos. Fun to watch now and then. She presented an idea of getting a medium size $50-ish notepad type of device and download several proofs at the wedding and simply give it to the couple. She then continues to send photos to this device while they are on honeymoon and delivers a full proof set at a later date. Anyone else ever tried this? Do people like it? Last wedding I shot I was able to bring thumb drive edits a couple of days after the wedding. The couple was still in town along with most of both families. I had to put it all on a laptop to show but they all enjoyed it. The idea of photos so soon after, while the event is fresh in their minds seems a good one. Has anyone else tried this? The video was probably a couple of years old, are these items still available?

    Rick H.
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  3. Yes, still available, you can check several eCommerce site for it.

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