Wedding Photo of the Week Showcase 9/13/10

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  1. Time to upload one recent image for show and possible critique. Make sure it is 700 pixels or less in width - AND - make sure to enter a caption in the caption box on that page where you've uploaded. Some details about the shot would be helpful.

    By posting - you agree to allow your image to be chosen for discussion and critique for the week. One will be chosen at random. This is not a contest - but simply an image that we'll discuss. Positive as well as constructive suggestions are what will occur. HOWEVER - IF you wish to post your image but DO NOT WANT to be considered for critique - please say so in your caption. Images that show as a link will be deleted and you'll be asked to re-post.

    Newcomers and Pros are both welcome to post in this thread. The thread will be closed late on Tuesday. Look for the choice on Wednesday. Please do not start the critique in this thread ;-)
  2. A recent Wedding shot - Irina and Ivan
  3. Last weekend... ISO 200 85mm f1.2 1/800
  4. This was a shot taken about five minutes before she walked down the aisle, and it was so nice to have a bride so calm and collected. Taken with a Canon 5D Mark II
    Cool side note - this was taken in a Revolutionary War Garrison turned into a Community Club at an army base. VERY neat shoot!
  5. on the way to the ceremony.
  6. Gorgeous shot, Linda M :) Here's mine...
  7. Okay, so here is mine for the week...Nikon D700, f/2.8, 1/320 sec, ISO 1250, 48mm, no flash...
  8. Hey Mark Anthony! I envy - you have such awesome-looking couples! :)
  9. Steve & Kristi. EOS 7D, EF28 f1.8, 1/40 @ 1.8 and ISO 400.
  10. So many nice photos this week. Here is mine, Ill try to stand out by posting a group photo.
  11. Trying again...first attempt just left me with a white screen..
    Indianapolis Skyline, attempt #2
  12. This is a shot from a recent bridal session. I used 2 AB b800s. I have done very little post process. Just ran through Lightroom. I am not thrilled with the shot. I was not sure of the best way to combat some of the glare issues, and I would love to hear some tips on dealing with both that, and the coposition of the shot with the trees obstructing the sky. I feel like I just need a little something to make the shot work.
  13. Love Linda's Indian wedding shot :)
  14. Caroline & Robin Wedding
    Shot with Canon 7D 17-55mm f2.8 @ 28mm f4.0, 1/100s, ISO 200
  15. Here is my contribution. Thai wedding (string tying and water pouring ceremony).
  16. This was my 1st wedding shoot - pro bono for my niece. The photo captures a casual moment where the bride and groom took a break between poses. Used Capture NX2 to keep the flowers and B&G in color while converting the rest to B&W.
  17. Bridal party shot from a recent wedding in Frankenmuth, MI.
  18. Kiss of the Bride
  19. Had a hiccup with the the internet connection before, sorry... Here is my contribution.
    A wedding in Thailand, this is part of the water pouring Ceremony.
  20. Here is one from my own wedding a week and a half ago...
  21. You gotta be lucky sometimes. This funny girl came suddenly out of the woods. I've more of those.(LOL)

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