Wedding Magnetics

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  1. Anyone doing magnetics at weddings. I saw this at a wedding I attended. Unfortunately I didn't get a chance to check it out. What I did see is that they had one person walking around the tables taking photos and the other printing and cutting out the magnetics. Appeared to be Canon printers printing on magnetic paper. I am guessing that they where able to do multiple images (different ones) on the same sheet. I have a friends wedding that I would like to do this for a gift.
    PS: I am an experience photographer, retired and looking to do this for fun...
  2. I'm not into wedding photography or inkjet printing. The magnetic paper is somewhere between less than $1 and $2.5 / letter sized sheet. You should know your inks drying Characteristic, to figure out if it is worth daring. Does your printer use waterproof inks?
    Most printers come with software that permits multiple images per page but you could of course go for QuarkXpress & similar to get that job done.
    Pitfalls I see:
    • Color management in the field. <-Laptop screens... Maybe do yourself a favor and order some similar non magnetic paper to do test printing & profiling on it and also rely on an automated color management workflow with camera profiles instead of eyeballing on the fly.
    • Drying time for prints / packing and transporting them safely.
    • Cutting - I'm Polar Mohr spoiled and would hate the hassle with portable devices like knife & ruler.
    • Time! - I'd rather shoot or socialize than struggle with pre- & postpress work.

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