Wedding Flyer Template

Discussion in 'Wedding and Event' started by michael_rivers, Dec 17, 2016.

  1. You want a review and expect us to pay £4.69 to download and review it properly? Is this spam?
  2. LOL - if he expects people to pay for it to give him free feedback, I also have a really nice bridge he can buy from me.
  3. Ladies & Gentleman I am not asking for a purchase. LOL Just some feedback. The link shows you the design. I hope that clears things
  4. Not feeling the fence border. When I think wedding I dont think aged wood planks.
  5. Thanks for the feedback Kim. Do you think a white marble would look better as the background?
  6. I think in the end, brides will be doing the selecting and the template should appeal to them. I think a bride would like
    something a little "softer." Youre thinking like a man my friend. lol. Do you have any women friends to ask about the
    "feel" of it?
  7. OK, I think I like the wood. It is a small enough part that I don't think it will deter anyone.
    Being black and white, it doesn't distract from the rest, as something more colorful might.
    I don't know at all how the market for price list templates works.
    I suppose as a price list, one must appeal to the bride, but the target of the template is photographers.

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